All material on this website builds upon a foundational structure which is called Spiritual Freedom. This is not a freedom in idea or thought, but a moving toward the actual reality in which our characteristics take form and shape. Hence you will see at the top of each page the phrase: “Don’t look here, the answer already lies within.” The answer already lies within…. [more]

Strange It Is

The methodology of methodical routes to the well of happiness is about as silly as one can get. In following predetermined routes to a predetermined outcome human compulsion can find fruition but what about the desire to overcome all obstacles towards the achievement of a promised spiritual freedom at the end of the rainbow? In framing the route we ignore the basis upon which it is built. We come to ignore our own nature in order to rely upon a man-made creation which promises the experiential joy to which we set our sights. In desire we lose our selves and in that losing we seek that which we have given up. One thing that can be said of the mental state is that it never makes sense but to it’s self…. [more]

That Which Knows

It’s amazing the amount of pain and suffering a slave will endure in order to keep alive a dream of freedom when in fact the reality of freedom exists purely in a mental state. This is the condition of today made manifest by human ingenuity through all sorts of means and ways. Mental conditioning ensures flawed conclusions thereby resulting in a detriment of man’s earthly enjoyment. It’s a downhill slide into a hell born from the mind of man and so life comes to played out exactly as it is wished for. Breaking through ingrained conditioning is not an easy or simple task. One must develop an inherent desire to achieve that which is above and beyond mortality or else be left to the wolves to be devoured at their choosing. Although this planet falls under the domain of a self serving cabal, it does not mean that we must covet our place in the line of sheep on it’s way to the slaughter house. It also does not mean that we must become self-serving in order to free ourselves from the self serving. Enmity begets… [more]

Running In Circles

Having the mind delve into the problem of human nature is like having a hamster seek for the end of the wheel. In order for resolution to take place one must look anew at the situation being attended. In other words, an exterior untainted perspective of what is. By it’s very nature the mind is completely unable to sustain the required perspective without becoming completely immersed within it. What then, becomes the solution? Obviously, the problem of human nature pertains to the mind and it’s insistent altercation with reality. This is not an unexpected nor abnormal occurrence and as compelling a case we may create for it to be otherwise, the mind of man serves it’s self. This is a key ingredient to understanding one’s own nature, not one’s human nature but one’s nature based in reality…. [more]

Fasting To Eliminate Our Wayward Tendencies

In the peace of mind man can come to achieve great strides in reaching the goal of self realization. Quieting the inner voices of insanity, we come to be free of our own torments thereby allowing ourselves the freedom and choice of creating our own destiny. We each have a destiny which we fulfill each and every moment and until we achieve the ultimate victory of overcoming ourselves that destiny become quite apparent each and every moment as we realize the full effects fraught upon ourselves by ourselves. How is it that the same insanity continues and yet we think that we are free of it? In thinking of our freedom we simply move the walls of our own prison to accommodate our new needs and thereby allow ourselves to relish anew the experience we most wish for - and yet the walls remain. It is not others who serve as guards to ensure our supplication, we have only ourselves to face to understand our own circumstance, forged by our own hand. How is it that we so enjoy playing hide and seek with ourselves?… [more]

Lights In The Night Skies Part II

Light travels everywhere. From sun blinding heights to the darkest depths, light comes to be seen - and appreciated. Looking up into the heavens one can sometimes catch a glimpse, or two, of events born of time and space interacting with the universe in a macro and microcosm fashion, after a fashion. You see, events in this universe are always of purpose and design whether apparent to earthly observers or not. Mostly, this aspect of life remains cloaked and hidden away by our own ignorance of our place, and everyone else’s for that matter, in the universe. Nevertheless, we are not alone and observable events can only be surmised in relation to pre-existing data. Sometimes, completely outside of our own small realm of existence, things happen away and apart from us which come to be clearly unbelievable and therefore ignored. Being unaware requires a so-called ‘innocence’ of mind but nothing is further from the truth than this. We do indeed exist in the universe and just as surely we chose to blindly traverse… [more]


It matters little which class of elitist shill occupies governmental offices of ‘power’ from which the populace are used and abused to no end. For those on the low end of the totem pole the only choice available is to go along to get along or else suffer the consequences. For those without a cause, living one’s daily life is about all there is - that, and the effort of trying to stay out of the way. It’s no secret that the ‘common’ man is the one who shoulders each and every consequence of those who rule from behind closed doors. Is it any wonder then that since no recourse exists nothing is accomplished. Whether one’s personal property is ruled by European minds or Oriental concepts matter little as the end result is the same. Freedom does not exist but in theory and in actual fact is vehemently disparaged at every turn, all in a politically accepted way of course. Politically accepted, meaning propagandized into forced acceptability by the herd. We do indeed have no choice…. [more]

Cows Used For Their Milk

The 9 million cows living on dairy farms in the United States spend most of their lives in large sheds or on feces-caked mud lots, where disease is rampant.3 Cows raised for their milk are repeatedly impregnated. Their babies are taken away so that humans can drink the milk intended for the calves. When their exhausted bodies can no longer provide enough milk, they are sent to slaughter and ground up for hamburgers.Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do: to nourish their babies. In order to force the animals to continue giving milk, factory farmers impregnate them using artificial insemination every year. Calves are generally taken from their mothers within a day of being born — males are destined for veal crates, and females are sentenced to the same fate as their mothers.Mother cows on dairy farms can often be seen searching and calling for their calves long after they have been separated. Author Oliver Sacks, M.D., wrote of a visit that he and cattle expert Dr. Temple Grandin… [more]

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