Can Chance Favor Us?

Where does the Heart lie when we approach our environment with a critical eye? Do we so relish our own thoughts that we completely deny all else? As the embodiment of man, we bind ourselves with devices of our own choosing. Creating havoc we listen to no one as they obviously are not of us. Whom do we really see when we look in the mirror of life? Escaping our desires we run rampant upon the landscape to no avail and yet, as we busy ourselves with ourselves, we seem to forget and forgive. Can chance favor us?..

Constant Vigilance

To be free is to be enslaved to an idea, a concept of being and this surely cannot be what is desired. All concepts and ideas originate with our compulsive tendencies and so the freedom which one seeks becomes defined by guideposts or markers along the way. Whatever gives one a sense of well-being, whatever gives one a feeling or emotion which is desired as being pleasant will do nothing in attaining the reality of non-attachment. When we attach ourselves to thoughts, concepts and ideas we become fixated and so through this choice we lay claim to that which covers up our true nature. Being in touch with the universe or ourselves is not a concept which we can employ to gain for ourselves one thing or another. In pure Being there are no concepts to waylay us, there are no ideas to foolishly yearn for and there are no thoughts to busy ourselves with…

Clanging The Church Bell

When we identify ourselves with some thing we become that something and so lose ourselves to the same degree. Claiming a title is like living up to a death sentence and so as the executioner we narrow our focus and pretend to be something which we are obviously not. What bell do you clang and to what do you proclaim?..

Freeing The Beast

The human animal shares many points of similarity with the animal kingdom and despite the differences of mind those similarities remain as ever. In man’s quest of dominance of and through the mind no good can come of it for obvious reasons. Fighting a losing battle we come to believe in ourselves and so come away carried away on flights of fancy. Where are we going but further away from our source? Running can be good exercise but who is it that runs and to what end? A healthy body bodes well for the student of discipline but beyond this health of what matter is it to the one who can distinguish between their self and the running man. Coming apart at the seams we tend to carry the weight of the ages and seek change but nothing changes in this game called life. Living short lived lives we yearn for a future promised. Grazing in the fields of experience we make it all worthwhile, or so we tell ourselves over and over again…

Waiting Into The Night

Unhappy and insecure we patiently wait for hope to spring eternal. Pacing to and fro we strive to keep in step as the wind gently moves us about. Events beyond our control, we endure the time between pretending that our time of purpose has meaning. As we continue to create a mockery of ourselves we fully expect and demand that our believability never be called into question. Who would be so foolish as to stand at an abandoned bus stop and dare to be confronted with reality. And so as we patiently endure the night of our ignorance we chase fitful dreams and watch helplessly as our imagination runs away from us. If idle hands are a sign of the devil what could be said of a mind which, sloth like in it’s nature, just never seems to get us anywhere. Beyond the judgmental aversion to face ourselves we continue to hold court as each passerby comes into our sphere of influence. Marked for death, each continues to fade into the night carrying either a ray of hope or a conviction that we are not alone in our plight…

Notice To Freezoners

This web site does not adhere to your standard of ideology and is therefore letting you know that your ideological participation is not required at this time. There are other sites on the internet which may be more attuned, and therefore welcoming, to the ideas, concepts and beliefs which you hold dear. In this universe there is something for everyone. This is not to say that FZA excludes anyone, as we do not. Exclusion is only demonstrated based upon one’s actions here. If those actions contradict this web site’s purpose, if those actions portray an effort which runs contrary to the definition of the Free Zone (“A ZONE, or area, where spiritual awareness may be pursued FREE of outside or disruptive forces”) then the web site Administrator would be remiss if appropriate action were not to be taken…

Clear Seeing

Clarity of vision enables us to see perfectly and crisply. Sometimes this becomes demonstrated only in some particular aspect or narrow band of focus, and at other times knows no limitations. Perhaps one slice of a pie is delicious, but there is nothing like getting one’s fill. When we are able to see into the dark our confidence increases in direct contrast to the amount of fear we harbor. Need we see into the dark if we have no fear?..

Is There A Way Out?

If there is a way out of this Universe why would we take it? Why would one run away or escape unless we do not wish to see ourselves for what we are. If we actually understood who or what we are where would be the necessity to even find a way out. Where would we have to go? We are the center of our own universes. This means that we take it with us where ever and when ever we go. If our own playground of life is right here in the center of things, are we fooling ourselves when we conjure up images of something else ‘out there’…

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