Taking The Last Train To Clarkville

Sometimes it can be a difficult process to convert a conceptual understanding into plain-text language so that the recipient can connect the dots in order to comprehend that which is given. This is quite the flawed process and only exists to overcome, by leaps and bounds, the bounds and barriers placed by the recipient for their own ‘protection’. That’s a nice way of saying that ignorance can appear as bliss but overcoming the odds of the cards being stacked against one’s self is neither a pleasant nor short affair. Traveling the road to Rome one meets road warriors hell-bent on achievement. It seems that most will not be denied. It is in this arena that gladiators present themselves ready to battle against all odds whatever is presented to them for the amusement and gain of others who lay in wait behind safety and security. It’s really funny to realize that it is they, the sight-seers, who have already been marked for death without due homage neither to insight nor knowledge. The lost are well-seated while…

All Happens

In coming to terms I find that no terms become the optimum solution. Therefore, no terms are proposed nor received. Where no terms exist, there lies the wedge of freedom…

My Eyes Adore You

Perception is something which has fallen upon me as a mantle of insight into the hearts and mind of Man. I do see though in it’s infinite wisdom the light of understanding, taking on it’s own awareness, provides the depth and breath of the canvas upon which life and living play out. It’s true, there is a script. These days there has been a definitive lack of something to throw out to the four winds of time and space. I suppose this means that what has been said, has. Is this the end of the road?..

revisedToxic Wasteland Paradise

I would like to make the recommendation that some awareness and perspective be given to the various scorched earth enablers. Without a strong background of support these entities cannot survive…

Cutting Room Floor

There have been a few notations that have been made along the way which for one reason or another never made it to Disney-land, so here I am going to throw them all into the pot, of whatever I have, and see what floats to the surface, if anything. These are all dated within the past month or so, if that has any meaning at all. They may not even be in the ‘proper’ order but that is what the cutting floor is all about anyway. ..

Prest-o Change-o

The change-over of timelines has come to completion. In this once alternate proposition, now the present can be. There has been and is much submission into the theory and theories of what is fashionably called ‘ascension’. Though at times I do try to say this with a straight face, most times I fail. Do humans really believe that the ‘big switch’ in the sky is all it takes to sit back and watch it all as on television, with a well stocked supply of barely edible snacking ‘delights’?..

Seditional Insurrection

Lately it seems that a few updates are in order. In that atmospheric environment the following play-book may be relevant. contact via mental, physical constructs contact via mental, physical constructs fear establishment degenerate development de-constructive implementation harvest completion the hunger takes hold..

revisedDecifering Crypto-Analytical Confobulation

How about that title, is it not a doozy?But that is the purpose of what you read in the papers, see before your eyes through media presentation and hear from the proclamations generously handed down from the duly elected body of representatives. Word-wise it is all upside down and sideways. With dual purpose, designs and meanings the sound of confobulation permeates the air. Just because polite people will lightly pass-by the uneducated’s confused and information-starved thought patterns doesn’t mean that disregard is paid to it. On the contrary, attention becomes pointed and it becomes a matter of manners…

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