Time In A Bottle

In the day of days there are and is all sorts of things happening. You name it and the glory of mankind are all there in the finest dress imaginable. Looking spark and spiffy we all know better but some dogs must be left to lie, front porch and all. That is not to say that yapping mutts must remain as such but we do indeed tolerate behavioral modification. All things must and indeed do, pass. Fortune telling is an art but since science has not deemed to fit itself with such ‘small minded’ endeavors what comes to pass typically gets flushed down the toilet along with all sorts of unspeakable ‘things’. But that is the way of ‘small’ minds is it not? Hiding in the dark recesses of the nearest corner is hard to digest when the multitudes are already there in expectation of the next great thing to cross another’s mind. All eyes are upon you oh great lord of infinite mercy.

Speaking Ill of the Dead

In hushed tones amid the echoing footsteps in the hallowed halls of justice, whispers reveal the intent of those who walk among the dead. The dead, the dying and the ill conceived all share the same blood as revealed in the veins of history. It’s not something we talk about much but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there none-the-less. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” as the saying goes but for myself and many others there exists no such stupidity among the ranks. Foot-loose and fancy-free the tide indeed does turn - but only if you believe in that sort of thing. I don’t but that is nothing compared to a reality among which the dead indeed do live, breath and strive for a mentality which will endure well beyond the heavens and hells of imagined thought.

revisedSmile For The Camera

Pictures are worth a thousand… nothings.

Diaretical Diatribe

Diaretical: as in diary. These days my postings have been run right along these barriers. But don’t take my word for it, I’m just a delivery man. If trees could talk what would you have them say? “Kill the hue-mans.”?

Coup D'├ętat

What is this talk of a ‘military coup’ that I keep running across? Military Tribunals?

Sniff... Sniff....

Something is in the air. Have you noticed it’s effects?

My Head Is Spinning

Walking through ‘life’ in a daze of deception is it any wonder that trying to wrap my mind around the basis of understanding is like being a mouse in a maze scented with cheese in every nook and corner all the while being denied the actual reward itself. I find it amazing the depth of ‘complexity’, all created just for Man to explore endlessly and of course fruitlessly. The point being there is no way out of the maze.

The Wild-life

This is something that I just have to say. Living the mobile life means that we have to have a place to land for the night. It’s not as easy as you might think, at least not for us and one of the requirements of landing for the night is being okay with the fact of being in an animal cesspool. I’m not kidding.

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