The Sounds of Silence

The silence around us tells the tale. The echoes of a past thought dead and buried rise to the surface in the hopes that sunlight will bring salvation. When the pot gets stirred all sorts of things come to the surface. It’s the whole point of stirring the pot to begin with. Coming face-to-face with what stares at us in the mirror of Life and Living is not an easy task but there is no escape from one’s self. Pulling out the trusty bag of tricks and digging deep provides little in the distraction department as sooner or later it all runs out…. [more]

Swalllowing The Pill Of Forgetfullness

Expectation can be a killer. Waiting and wondering as we are left in the dark awaiting a final victory which somehow always eludes us. Time and time again we ignore what we do not wish to see and yet weep when consequence comes knocking upon our door. Ignorance is no excuse for awareness. As we let the current take us on our journey we become swept away with belief, immersed with our expectations of right and wrong. Soon or later we must come face-to-face with our outcomes. Running serves no purpose other than to delay the inevitable. Buying but another day is the cowards creed…. [more]

Evaluating Evaluation

As the tumbleweed makes it’s way across thick and thin the scenery adapts to it’s adventurous spirit. Rolling and toiling, the aftermath seems but a shadow of what is to come. In repetition we tend to find solace, or so the tumbleweed proclaims as it pauses in it’s journey of Life and Living just long enough to leave a few twigs of wisdom here and there. Few can read the signs so the chances are slim of discovery but is this not the way of the Universe? There are no secrets and yet the veil of ignorance remains steadfast in it’s conviction. No one gets out alive…. [more]

Jiggy, Jaggy

Okay, the jig is up. Adjusting to this and that can be a seemingly endless task to endure. It can take forever and a day to come to terms with where it is that we have found our selves. Eventually, we all land and upon termination revelation occurs. Falling from grace is not an option…. [more]

Walking In A Timeline of Re-Occurrence

Deja Vue. If you haven’t experienced it just wait a bit, perhaps a moment or two, or even three. Timelines have a way of repeating themselves and if you’ve been paying attention their very existence comes into question. It’s not about the black cat but about waking up. At the end of the road, turn left. The mind can play numerous tricks and traps but it is nothing less than we ourselves having a good time. There are no limitations…. [more]

Captured And Enveloped With A Sense Of Purpose

Isn’t living life with purpose such a pleasant and rewarding experience. Think of it, to come out the other side with pride is something noteworthy enough to provide us with a sense of purpose and plan. How could we not. All eyes are upon us…. [more]

Intellectual Defeatism

In life after life there is and always will remain, death. It simply cannot be escaped and yet many continue to beat the harbinger to the punch. Waking up is not arising from slumber, it becomes us. Waving a hand across the oceans of distress to envision change leaves nothing to be desired as desire leaves through the front door happily and gleefully running for the high hills and as we watch it’s progress we stare in wonder. Making ‘sense’ of what lies beyond such is nothing but a fools errand…. [more]

I Am But A Forgotten Note Upon The Scale Of Time

Subtle are the ways and means of ‘discovery’. It’s true, there is nothing new in this universe nor beyond. It is all known but can be considered to be knowable. It’s the old ‘seek and ye shall find’ trick of the craft. Master Magicians tend to seek like challenges. I suppose that another word for ‘magician’ is ‘sheep’…. [more]

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