Time in it’s ever-lasting form marches to a different beat. It must be a different beat because if there was an understanding of it there wouldn’t be so many problems that get handed on a silver platter. The worst part is serving hot dogs in a stadium filled to capacity. Playing to that crowd how can an embrace be made whereby limitation and lack become non-existent? Do you see what I mean?..

Life Pursuits

There was a time when all that was required of one was to remain as they are. Not as they were but as they are. In these times of uproar, disturbance and an itch reminiscent of poison ivy what we are has taken a back seat to what we were. The past never defines us but our baggage sure does. Traveling as we do through that funny thing called time there is a general tendency to pick various souvenirs along the way and as our collection and collections grow larger and larger there is only so much that we can hide under the rug. Sooner or later Spring comes where a good airing out of the dirty laundry must take place…

A Fancifull Tale

If birds sing does a tree fall in the forest. Hearing the silence of nothing we tend to create something, anything. But why the compulsive urge to fill in the ‘gaps’? To what ends are we rushing to when we fill our time and times with senseless drama and the scourge of the Universe called experience. I suppose in the microcosm of our reality television does indeed fill and fulfill a very real urge…

Pick Me Coach

Oh the pressures and pleasures of life. As we make and bind our way down the road of experience the tendency is to seek out new life, new civilizations, to boldly go where no Man has gone before. In the thirst for escape nothing and no one will stand in our way and as we furtively peek upon the sidelines who is it that strangely enough fixates our attention but us. There we are in all of our glory doing what we know best. Nothing, nothing at all. And despite our busy appearance we sooner or later come to realize that watching the Game of Life is not a participation event even though we convince ourselves otherwise. As we sit there taking up time and space is it not our rightful duty to do such? Is this not what we were created in the lab for? Out of our own imagination we pick and choose that which we sow as seeds upon the winds of change watching time envelope and embrace that luscious thing called me

The 'Power' of Force

Perhaps this is just prevalent in my universe but it seems so many people out and about in this world have great respect for the power of force. When it comes to egotistical arguments, of which there is about nothing else of, force seems to take command and gives pause to the weak and afraid. I really have to laugh at the preposterousness of it all since force is greatly misunderstood around these here parts. Personally, I shy away from force because I am of the belief that when communication wends and winds it’s way into that field of illusion what’s left is nothing but tricks and traps with beingess thrown out the window along with the baby. There are so many greater levels of communication and interaction why, I ask myself rhetorically, would anyone purposely choose and defined themselves with anything else…

Spring Is In The Air

Rising above the mind of Man we see that intelligence tends to take a sitting position in the back seat of a thrill ride the likes of which has never before been seen or heard of. In this thrill the definition of ‘alive’ comes to the fore. Sometimes with a ‘force’ the likes of which is quite, quite familiar. Going down that road one would think that memory serves. Alas, in this disconnect most find comfort and well-being or at least that is what it says on the breakfast cereal box so packed with vitamins and nutrition previously destroyed through disinterest and outright neglect. But who cares about all that right?..

Drowning In A Sea of Lies

Truth can be a slippery slope and when the dish is served as such, lies become substantive. Out of thin air they are conjured and as we all sit back and wonder in awe at the amazing show the new reality takes hold and draws power as if by magic from the depths and breaths of our souls. We do indeed feed the beast and little realize just how much the thumb hurts as we pound the hell out of it. It must be someone else’s fault as surely we would never do the unthinkable. Our innocence has long left us so why the ruse?..

On The Shoulders of Giants

Standing, we fall. Falling seems to get our attention to a much greater degree than just waiting around for the drill Sargent to choose our face for special treatment. We can’t hide and we can’t run but passing out… now there is a great job opportunity. Dazed and confused we go through life and living unnoticed and un-noticing. Why peek behind the veil when we’re much too busy relishing our desires. It’s disgusting how some call that torment is it not?..

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