In Time Escape Becomes Possible

There are lots of conflicting forces at play here at ground zero. I disagree with the ‘ground zero’ approach but who am I to argue. I am just a visiting outsider who should be ignored. Thank you. All eventualities have been accounted for. There is nothing left for the unimaginative. It might as well be chiseled in stone. Do not disturb…. [more]

There Is No Time Like The Present

I don’t believe in time. All things happen, that’s it. I know that can be a hard pill to swallow but none-the-less, there it is. Getting caught up in a world of ‘reality’ is quite time consuming. There is always something to do, something to say and some one to say it to. Tick, tock goes the clock as time passes. Alice is quite speechless…. [more]

Down The Rabbit Hole

Events can seemingly takes us for a ride but we all know that nothing trumps our own existence. We are what we are and there is no going back. From where we deliver, all outcomes come to pass. As we reflect upon our own good nature we ask the mirror of Life and Living to appease us in our victory. As generals of our own counsel we set the standard…. [more]

The AI Pipe Dream

The trouble with so-called AI intelligence is that beingness is granted to a still-born object. Yes, rocks can come alive but behind the veil lies the intention. Making something sentient does not mean it is. One can pour one’s entire soul into creation and still come up short. Wandering the wasteland one tends to clutch…. [more]

In The Space Of Time

All happens. … [more]

Scrubbing The Line Of Deceit

Sometimes we end up playing the shell game. Tossing and turning like a good restless night’s sleep we churn the burn exposing our underbellies in the process. It’s not about who’s right but about what is right. Letting the drama of Life and Living get in the way reveals little other than our own proclivities. It’s true, we are what we are. Hiding in plain sight there is little in the way of hazy afternoons proclaiming the delight we so relish. Taking it all in we find ourselves knocking on our door so as to let us in. As we dance with delight the universe sings in the same key and as the echoes of our passing reverberate upon the fields of play, the game continues in appearance. We rule the universe and our sight provides the impetus to carry on…. [more]

Houston We Have A Problem

End times require a special cast of characters. The times in which one has found themselves pretty much sums it all up. In definition we find purpose and plan, as least for those with poor eyesight. It’s true, these are the times which try Man’s soul. Collectively and individually…. [more]

Be An Overcomer In Every Way Possible

Evil runs rampant upon the fields of play and in so doing defines us. If there were not a place for it, it would not be there. Escaping our convictions requires that we rid ourselves of the idea that evil has a place reserved for it’s self at our table. It certainly does not despite the empty seat…. [more]

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