Having Standing

As the ancients once said, there is no going back. Memory serves and yet it is up to us to interpret. Plainly all things happen and in this certainty all arises. And falls. Don’t leave that last part out because it is a very important one. It’s like waiting for the other shoe to fall and fall it will…. [more]

And Then There Were None

Those who have left, have left while the remaining drunkingly stumble in ignorance little realizing that daddy is no longer at the helm. As the programming runs it’s course soon or later a bump in the road becomes the mud puddle, wheels deep. What then will be done. Standing alone and lost it all just gets worse and worse and as the victim-hood leaves like a ghost in the night what then is left but eventually fading back into the mists of hell from whence they arose. But as always, a few make it through shedding their embracement for something much, much greater…. [more]

Escaping The Inescapable

There is no going back, Get used to the idea. Although time does not exist that doesn’t mean that we can go back and do a ‘redo’. That’s repetition which has no place in evolutionary movement. It’s true, we’re evolving…. [more]

Expanding The Ever-Present Presence

All about us we live. As we reflect upon the reflection we sometimes see that which we present. Filtering the sight becomes us…. [more]

Freedom In The Arms Of Slavery

Freedom co-exists with servitude. As the pendulum swings to and fro our hearts and minds follow. Ever on the move we perpetuate progress. Surely we have moved from there to there. Thank goodness space exists so that we may map out our hopes, dreams and desires. Surely it is all real. As the Magician conjures up another showy piece of fiction the audience hangs on every movement, on every word and expression. Taking us on a ride of a lifetime we engage ourselves into belief and lose ourselves into a fantastical adventure. Why stop there…. [more]

Standing In Shadow Of Plethora

As the flock and flocks gather individually and in totality separation becomes a term tossed to the four winds of Mother Earth. As we become enveloped with embrace something deep inside stirs in a hazy remembrance of something long past and yet oddly current. Cycles may come and go according to the sands of time and yet we ourselves remain. There is no going back. Greatness surrounds us and as we relish in ignorance so that we may live the hamster knows only too well it’s parameters upon the wheel. Destined to activity one cannot falter…. [more]

In Time Escape Becomes Possible

There are lots of conflicting forces at play here at ground zero. I disagree with the ‘ground zero’ approach but who am I to argue. I am just a visiting outsider who should be ignored. Thank you. All eventualities have been accounted for. There is nothing left for the unimaginative. It might as well be chiseled in stone. Do not disturb…. [more]

There Is No Time Like The Present

I don’t believe in time. All things happen, that’s it. I know that can be a hard pill to swallow but none-the-less, there it is. Getting caught up in a world of ‘reality’ is quite time consuming. There is always something to do, something to say and some one to say it to. Tick, tock goes the clock as time passes. Alice is quite speechless…. [more]

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