Waging An Honorable War

There is no ‘honor’ in war. There is no ‘honor’ is disparaging conversations where the listener becomes the oppressed. Plowing the fields with negative intent destroys not only ‘society’ but ‘human’ nature. There is no way out so why the hurry to scorch the Earth? In policy, demands are met but unfortunately the reality is that a convoluted path to destruction becomes ingrained such as a locomotive barreling down upon a reality that cannot change. When ‘progress’ becomes a marker then we have surely lost. Some find comfort in being controlled while others find comfort where it is given. Unbestowed, we live in a perpetual flux seeking and ‘finding’. The rules of chess required participation and so does the universe. We are all characters upon the stage singing and swaying to the director’s every whim. Or so we think

Walking In The Shadows

It’s true, I do keep a low profile. It’s not about relegating an ego to the waste bin nor is it about standing firm against the tides of good and evil. All things in this universe ebb and flow as nature intends. There isn’t anything we can do about it. It’s not accepting fate but about being an integral part of this universe in which we ourselves, ebb and flow like the tides of eternity bearing upon the sands of time. One must know where one stands. In purpose we find desire and in so doing light the torch of consequence where judgement falls upon us by the hardest of taskmasters, ourselves. I am neither the judge nor the jury but merely a concerned citizen sitting among the audience watching the inevitable play out. Is it any wonder that one’s attention can drift to all sorts of avenues. But that is not me…

Mouse Trap

There was an old game that was quite a barrel of monkeys to play and enjoy. It involved an elaborate scheme via a convoluted methodology to indicate and entrap the ever-elusive mouse. It involved quite a setup but keeping in mind the eventual outcome made the effort worthwhile and rewarding of and in itself. Pieces arranged just so, intricate interlaced mechanics arranged just so and an over-all extended concerto all coming together in time, space and local dialect. For game players it’s like fantasy come-to-life enacting itself upon the world’s stage for all to see and perhaps understand

Hurry To Worry

Though there are few among us who proclaim the harmony with which we are all endowed never-the-less it exists. From imagination to determination the mental process evolves. This is not a detriment by any degree but merely a marker upon which life indelibly leaves it’s imprint. We are all part of something much greater than ourselves. To seek is to find but in finding we discover that our field of vision further expands to encompass a little something beyond our wildest dreams. We live to evolve but this too is a lie told in the backrooms of bars and brothels. Purity has no place among the untainted and true of heart. Though it may seem contradictory, it mostly certainly is not. In playing games we become the pawns which are moved in little regard to ultimate outcomes. As a way to means shallow lives are lived and lost…

Engaging Overdrive

Time is of essence. If you believe that then surely the Easter Bunny is not far behind. There always seems to be this thing called belief that hangs in the air emanating odors which could be classified in the ‘unpleasant’ category quite easily. “We all ‘believe’ in something.” And in hypnotic sway we find ourselves lost to our selves and to every one else. Success! It takes quite the effort to lead astray and in the same proportion to return home. Most assuredly it is a case of the blind leading the blind. Eventually the path through the jungle of Life and Living peters out with our minds filling in the gaps so as to find a way forward. It is simply not there. Coming to terms with our limitations is best left to the brave of heart…

Emptying The Cupboards of Our Dreams

In dreaming we find that we are. Without substance we take on form and delight in our ever expanding universe and dream of things yet to come. Where would we be without eternity? Gazing upon our virtues we slide the next adventure into the projector and become what we see relishing in the delights that come to pass. In so ‘finding’ our selves we take home our lessons and incorporate them into the next day’s lesson plan. Shall we ever run out?..

Breaking The Glass, Escaping To Freedom

Limits to the imagination pop up seemingly every where we look. If in space no one can hear you scream then surely within the vastness of our own sense of self realized gains, the torment we lovingly create for our reflected nature must indeed be silent as well. Suffering in solitude no one can help us as our demons are let loosed upon the lands to do our bidding. Yes, we are indeed our own worst enemy. Looking above we yearn for our glory and as we step higher and higher our limitations become very self evident. Heaven does not await us as our journey, and our baggage, calls us and defines us. Surely some one or some thing will save us from ourselves. All we need do is await our good fortune and in so doing time slips by as the Wheel of Life and Living completes its journey. Sooner or later the illumination of our being shines again and rights the listing ship of lost souls so as to birth anew our rightful place in the Universe…

As The Battle Rages

There is quite a disturbance in the force these days and it’s nice to see that enough sleeping souls have entered into the foray so as to tip the scales of justice. This is not about good and evil but about one’s own evolution into the being called you. It’s what the Mirror of Life and Living is all about, made just for you and delivered as a timely fashion right to your very front door. Turning left or right makes no difference on the path of sobriety. When the music stops and we all frantically seek out a seat of glory there is a telling in the telling. Some children’s games are appropriate for all age levels…

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