Question For The Day: Why Does OSA Hide Behind Anonymous E-Mail Addresses?

Why does OSA hide behind anonymous e-mail addresses? We all know that nothing happens in the CoS without official approval. Lately, there has been a flood of activity on ARS by “anonymous” sources, obviously in the pay of the CoS…. [more]

Attn OSA: A Link From FZA.ORG To FREEZONE.ORG Has Been Found!

In a previous thread, OSA has been giving high priority to establishing the fact of a link between, here in the US, and, located in Germany. The purpose of this post is to save us all some time and effort…. [more]

Welcome To The Free Zone - Is It Fate?

This seems appropriate in the light of the discussion going on in the “Welcome to the Free Zone” thread. The whole idea of probable realities seems strange or esoteric because you are not used to following your own thought processes.You shut them off any time they do not conform to current beliefs about the nature of the self, or about reality in general. The deepest meanings of probabilities lie, however, precisely in their psychological import.You have become so hypnotized by a one-level kind of thought that anything else seems impractical. You concentrate upon those decisions that you make, and disregard the processes involved. This has been carried to an extreme, you see; Often you are so disconnected from those inner workings that your own decisions then appear to come from someplace else. You may be convinced that events happen to you, and are beyond your control, simply because you are so out of touch with yourself that you never catch the moments of your own decisions.Then you… [more]

Are You Afraid of Lions?

We bring you the following article to give you more of an understanding about the practice of Scientology outside of the only officially recognized organization in which this religion may be practiced - The Church of Scientology. Religious freedom is claimed by many, but is the practice of that belief a reality?[more]

Gimme Some Cake!

Recently, FreeZone America celebrated it’s first birthday. So what’s the big deal?… [more]


There he was on the rooftop, how could anyone, I should say, how could I have missed him before. That creature really created hell for this planet. First he came, we being a peaceful planet thought he also came in peace, but that was a terrible mistake, unforgivable in any way. Many have tried to right it but all have failed. That horrible creature took advantage of us. He lied and stole from us. Then before we knew what had happened he sent for others of his kind to destroy us and our civilization so they could live here. They used those terrible weapons, what a way to die, so horribly, so painfully, so slowly. Many were so frightened that they committed suicide because they knew there was no hope of living in peace again. They killed us day and night, our defense against them was our knowledge. We were a peaceful planet and because of our mistake we used no weapons of any kind, because of this we had to devise weapons, and we did. At first they worked but we soon knew how worse our weapons were to theirs,… [more]

There I Was

There I was just walking down the street, minding my own business, just looking around. Now don’t forget, I wasn’t bugging nobody, not a soul. Not me because I’m not that kind of guy. Well anyway, there I was, just me, and all of a sudden before I knew it somebody comes up behind me real quiet like and taps me on the shoulder. Man, I jumped so far I think I set a new worlds leaping record. I turned around so quick I think I scared that little green guy pretty bad. Where did he come from? Before I knew it he started to talk in some language I couldn’t understand at all. “Ol emun muk eel numer zek.”… [more]


“Enat, when will the Krevue become what all the rest have thought it to be?” “In due time my son, in due time.”… [more]

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