The Dane Tops Debrief

Providing full and complete data is more than just ethical, it is mandatory on the bridge to freedom. As we have previously mentioned, providing complete historical background information is only one step towards total honesty and truthfulness. A step that must be taken if we are all to benefit from technology that has proven itself workable. (The term “workable” will probably be approached by us some time in the future.) The following letter, which has been purposely denied and ignored by us, can now be brought to light. We do this with the knowledge that public acceptance of our honesty and truthfulness can only come about with a sincere effort on our part. We cannot deny that the following information is uncomfortable for us. We also cannot deny that we are now willing to confront that part and to deal with it…. [more]

Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT:Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error We are publicly and officially announcing our shame and regret for our past actions regarding the discredit and excommunication of one of our previously highly regarded members. We have acted shamefully and disrespectfully by creating false accusations solely for personal self gain. We were wrong…. [more]

A Tribute to Ron Dewolf

As an organization, we have seriously erred in providing a complete and full account of some aspects of our history. We are actively working to correct that oversight and redeem ourselves in the hearts and minds of our parishioners. Ron DeWolf, son of LRH, makes some startling revelations in the following tape transcript. His death was surrounded in controversy and we wish to publicly state that we as an organization have not been entirely truthful in this regard as well as in many other areas…. [more]

David Mayo on the Origin of Nots

There has been much heresay on the subject of who really developed the NOTs technology. We have studiously been following all discussion on this topic on various newsgroups and in our new effort to redeem our religion and technology, we thought that it would be appropriate to validate David Mayo and his contribution to this discussion. Without David Mayo’s contribution our organization would be lacking the much needed advanced technology that he provided. Thank you David. Your tireless efforts in assisting LRH to develop and further the technology are greatly appreciated. Although we have tried to discredit you in the past, we can proudly say that your influence on the technology is unmistakable…. [more]

Pass the Automaticity

Excuse me, Sir. Would you mind passing that Automaticity? Working on automatic, how does one develop an understanding of life’s purposes and designs? In a word - impossible…. [more]

The Story of Zenu

The story of OT III and the galactic overlord called Zenu is given a lot of attention on the Internet. Why is that? What is so special about one incident in the last 76 million years, that impresses people so. Below, you will find my thoughts on this much talked about issue, and if it makes any sense at all, don’t blame me. I just live here…. [more]

The Beauty of the Sea

Welcome to FZA and the Free Zone. This page may give you a little insight into what the Free Zone is about. This may also be of particular interest to those who have recently left the ‘church’ and are not quite sure whatto do next…. [more]

FZA: What is the Free Zone?

What exactly is the Free Zone? How did it come about and who is in charge of it? For many, the Free Zone is an idea of spiritual freedom. For others, it is an organized group of people that continueto practice Scientology, separate from the Church of Scientology. What is it really?… [more]

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