Power, The Crusader's Crusade

Power is what Scientology’s auditing promsies to coinjure up within the adherent. The lure of power draws those on the quest for it and cements relationships just for this purpose. The Church of Scientology, Inc., feels that they have this “power”. Some groups outside of this church want that “power”. The members of this church desire it and those who been excommunicated wish for it. Power is what drives the mind mad and it will do whatever is necessary to ensure it’s unalienable right to it’s fair share of it…. [more]

The Mindset Of Scientology

Scientology, developed as an outgrowth of Dianetics which was researched on the streets of Hollywood in 1947 by L. Ron Hubbard, is a mindset. As Fox Moulder, from the television series “X Files”, describes it via the poster that occupies a wall above his desk, “I want to believe”. That same desire creates the mind set that has trapped more than a few people who have entered the storefronts of Scientology. So strongly do some people want to believe, that even when their ties to the organization are severed, they continue to “want to believe”. Restraining themselves from continuing the dream is impossible. These people continue to seek like-minded individuals in which to practice the Scientology art of mind confession as those who have a drug-induced psychotic deficiency…. [more]

The Way To Create Power

“An individual’s ability to generate power by his own consideration depends utterly upon his ability to position himself It’s as simple as that.” Transcript of the lecture “Exteriorization”, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1955 This sums up the purpose and aim of Mr. Hubbard’s philosophy. To solidly fix the “thetan” and demonstrate the “power” that it has by being so fixed…. [more]

Theta And The Control Of Mind

“We have a symbol in Dianetics which is the Greek letter theta. Theta stands for thought. We use it as a symbol because the word thought itself is susceptible to many misinterpretations, it has many definitions. So, let’s just take a brand-new symbol out here and we say that’s theta. Now, theta could be highly esoteric, it could be - you could say, “Well, they worship theta, or something of the sort,” or something of the sort, but the point is that all it is, is a mathematical symbol. It’s like we, if we named it “Ford car” or something of the sort, it would be the same as theta. In other words, it’s a label. And by “theta,” we understand the entity called thought or “life motivator.” Alright.” Transcript of the lecture “Theta Bodies”, By L. Ron Hubbard, 1952 This is a very interesting quote.”Theta” is the “life motivator” or “thought”. A “life motivator” would be that which has the intelligence to decide for itself and to have the ability to act on those decisions…. [more]

Swami Hubbard Turns Into God

Swami Hubbard’s beginnings researching clearing on the streets of Hollywood were quite modest, but that was not to last long. In a lecture he gave in 1955 called, “Background Music To Living”, he had this to say about the labels people wear and how wearing one label equates to God: “Well, I’ll tell you the label people will eventually wear if they start to wear just one label. It’s spelled g-o-d. Only no such God could possibly exist because he would have gone batty long ago. He would have had no time and could control nothing.”… [more]


“The patter of hypnotism goes somewhat as follows: “You are relaxing. You are sinking down, down, down (which sends the subject down the time track, although the hypnotist didn’t know it). You are getting sleepier and sleepier. All you can hear now is the sound of my voice telling you to go to sleep (which installs a circuit). You want to believe everything I am telling you (which cuts down the ability of the subject to evaluate data). Everything I say to you will make a deep and lasting impression on you. When you wake up you will discover that you feel very light and airy. You will want to be kind to people. Any time in the future that I say the word ‘Abracadabra’ you will go into a hypnotic trance, no matter where you are or what you are doing. You want to do exactly as I tell you to do. I am your friend. I am the best friend you have.” - Science of Survival, by L. Ron Hubbard My, my. This is exactly what Swami Hubbard does with his “clearing”…. [more]


“Let us now address the heart. By deep hypnosis or drugs we take a patient into amnesia trance, a state of being wherein the “I” is not in control but the operator is the “I” (and that’s all there is, really, to the function of hypnosis: the transfer of analytical power through the law of affinity from subject to operator, a thing which had a racial development and survival value in animals which ran in packs). A caution should be observed that a patient who has a very sound heart and no heart-trouble history be chosen for this experiment, which, even above any other hypnotic experiment, can make a patient very ill if he has a heart history. And none of these hypnotic tests should be performed until one has finished this book and knows how to get rid of the suggestions; for hypnosis, as practiced, is strictly live fuse stuff and the hypnotist who is unacquainted with dianetics has no more idea how to get rid of a suggestion he has made than he has of how to peel an atom. He has thought he had the answer, but… [more]

Swami Hubbard And His Ritualistic Training

“I can give you the datum of Freudian analysis. I’m a very good swami. I can read minds so as to tear your skull off. Good at it.” Transcript of the lecture “The Laws of Case Supervision”, by L. Ron Hubbard … [more]

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