The Ivory Tower

You may have heard the term before. It’s a place where someone sequesters themselves, (at their hands or another) so that they are unencumbered by outside influences and concerns. Why is it that someone would want to separate themselves from others? The reason is so that the impingement of other’s wants and desires do not create an undo influence in the carrying out of some task. As an example, a “Case Supervisor” is far removed from the preclear being audited so that the preclear’s bank will not create any undo interference in it’s erasure. The bank’s natural reaction to dismantling it is, of course, to fight back. It’s existence becomes threatened and the bank will use any and all tools at it’s disposal in it’s fight for life. (In reality it is the preclear who creates this scenario, but that is another matter.)..

The Path Of Happiness

What better way to ensure survivability then to destroy? In destruction, we gain the sense of ‘surviving’ and in that surviving we constantly turn our thoughts to the next sacrifice. Someone must perish in order that we may live. There are orders of magnitude in which this plays out…

How Do You Tell an OT From a Non-OT?

There is a difference between those who claim to be an ‘Operating Thetan’ and the state of being OT. There is a world of difference and it doesn’t stop there. Being an ‘OT’ is not displaying your ‘hard-earned’ credentials and it is not demonstrating ‘supernatural’ powers as ‘proof’ of your embellishment. And it certainly has nothing to do with memorizing books and procedures or voicing allegiance with this or that. These are not ‘OT’ characteristics but merely an effort at entertainment in creating illusions. My, how pretty some pictures are!..

The Fear Of Change

The fear of change drives all sorts of behavior. From holding onto ‘things’ to fixating on thoughts, the fear of change requires the ability to locate and fixate. This is not an innate ability or ‘talent’ much desired by all, but a degradation of awareness into something which lessens the enjoyment of life. Enjoyment itself, embodies change and when that change is resisted, unhappiness ensues. Holding on to a thought or thoughts which seem to give us pleasure, is not the real pleasure but a shadow form, showing us the possibility and ever keeping it out of reach. The pleasure of fixation is a pleasure for the analytical mind, for it is the one which requires ‘no change’ in which happiness abounds. For the individual itself, this mind limits and inhibits the unlimited. There are no bounds when it comes ourselves, other than that which we place upon it. ‘No change’ is the gray area where the spirit seems to interact with the mind and so takes it’s charge, when in fact, neither of these things exist…

All In The Right Places

Capturing our moments in time, we paste them onto our book of memories and proudly display our ‘knowledge’ of the past. Escaping ourselves, we become what we see. In time, we seek more time in which to expand our interest and interests. Going here and there, we busy ourselves seeking the elusive prey. Who or what is it that we yearn for?..

The Acsension Experience - Will You Pay The Price?

There is a thought process making the rounds in the ‘FreeZone’ (contrary to the ‘Free Zone’) and it is being promoted as the answer to ‘fix’ the problems inherent in previous ‘ascension states’. An ‘ascension state’ could be defined as being a concept where the individual, at first finds themselves in a ‘lower state’, and through certain ‘processing’, gains a new, or ‘higher state’. Supposedly this new state fills one with some sort of power, which, when connected to others of like mind, can create an even more powerful being. Exactly who it is that leads this ‘power’ struggle is clear, but what is not clear is the devastation that will be caused by this blatant misuse of Scientology. The name of Alan Walter’s self-created ‘processing’ group is called Knowledgeism. If you have the least bit of knowledge about Scientology, you will know that ‘power’ is not the desired result. What is sought in Scientology processing is the removal of the Being’s moments of pain and suffering which inhibit the Being from…

The Personality of The Solid First Dynamic

There exists a number of dynamics in which the concept of a higher spirituality is exhibited. It starts from the first and takes off from there. What is the first though? Is it just the individual self, or is there more to it than what meets the eye? The individual self has everything to do with the absolute center of the universe - you. It all starts with you and expands ever onward. Sometimes,the individual never makes it past the first, and creates a scenario in which it becomes near impossible to see even a hint of the others. Being stuck in the first dynamic is actually a very painful place to stick yourself. The greater rewards of the higher dynamics are completely lost and out of reach to those who remain fixated in the personality of the self…

A New Beginning

Spiritual awareness is not something that is given to you, sold to you or even imparted by some ‘higher order’ being from across the galaxy. You already encompass that awareness. The problem is that you don’t know it…

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