Our Time Is Always At Hand

I am the monster of my imagination. I exist purely for the sake of experience and no more. Nothing ensures my day-to-day survivability as the quest for the existence which I imagine. There can be no completion as the quest and the search are one and the same. There is no difference between what I am and what I think that I am. Within the arms of Infinity, I take shape and form. Delivering what is promised, I know myself to be. In the promise of thought, consequences and causality, my existence becomes all that is. Striving, it is always attainable and yet never achievable. The Quest ensures the thoughts we harbor with care intent. Alone, we strive and in survival, we comfort ourselves that another day has passed, another time is to come, another moment to realize. Weighing our options, we create our fate and live up to it.

Full Circle

On the horizon of our dreams, beyond the furthest reaches of our imagination, a place exists where time and function cease and come to be no more. It is a place where the endless migration of thoughts, concepts and ideas fall into the deep dark abyss of ever lasting night. Without the day, experiential ramblings would never see the light of day. A soul unto itself remains free in perpetuity and yet bound of it’s own accord, it seeks relief from itself. Opening doors into the unknown, it steps forth with a slight spring to it’s step only to find what it is looking for. Innocence creates it’s rewards and so captures the hearts and minds of the adventuresome. Longing creates the doorstep over which we stumble and fall in sheer delight. Awakening from slumber we realize realizations and behold a ceaseless wander. Truly a mirror of the innermost chambers of what we may call ‘ourselves’. Faceted and enduring, we glisten in our own light and take pride in the reflections we see upon the face of those we shine upon….

Are You Feeling Busy Today?

To go where no man has gone before is to go into the abyss of self destruction. Eventually, inevitability sets in and the long lost cousin of self despair gives rise to an ever increasing delight of eternal self destruction. The ends do justify the means when it comes to the motivations of egotistical self destruction. Enabling ourselves to see beyond our own thoughts, we come to understand that in viewing the world we make, we capture our innermost thoughts and ideas and find release. Desire vents and in it’s wake we come to know of ourselves, and others. Amazingly, we venture forth in the darkness to find the light. How silly is that? Have we come to where we are purely on the entertainment value in which we seem to find endless delight. Dancing, we watch our feet closely in the hopes that we will divine meaning much in the same way that bones are cast before the interpreter, only to find out that we really know nothing at all. Realizing our dreams we remain unfilled and overflowing with desire. What could…


In the peaceful repose of a quiet evening twilight, rest and relaxation takes hold by purposes of ther own design and within that design efforts beyond imagination come to fruition to help and guide us in perfect symphony of spirituality. Emblazoned with hope, the imagination withers and dies, falling away to our disinterest. Captivating our full attention, we seek to reside within our own set boundaries where none can know us but know of us. Alone at last, we remain as we have always been. Alone at last, we realize that in aloneness we are in very good company.

Wheel Of Life

I am the pliable self. Whatever you wish for me to be, I will become that. I blend in easily and become a part of the landscape with no conscious effort. Each individual sees me as they wish to see me. I am what I should be, no more and no less. Capturing attention, I become the measure by which experience comes to be known. I delight in other’s realizations and find comfort in another’s glory. Stillness of mind, of depth or of breath means little when there is nothing which exists that is capable of such experiences. I remain ever unchanging and unchanged. Immovable, what is there is what is there. The shell and demonstrations come and go but nothing, in reality, is or has been changed. To know is to understand and in that folly, Truth becomes all the more apparent. I am what I am. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Moment Of Now

There is a power, a force, headed this way and if you become part of the moving morass of humanity, then surely the future will hold what you wish for. Stepping outside of the time stream, awakening occurs and in that awakening, Life blossoms. Rushing into Infinity is never the answer to the question that seeks escape from within. Beyond the pain of death, immortality ensures it’s survival by completing the death poses over and over again until the end of time itself. Moving beyond the sights and sounds which continuously bombard us during sleep, surely comfort can be imagined when we begin to entertain the idea of awakening unto ourselves. Being the light is different than seeing the light, and beyond that all becomes one with no effort indeed. Striving otherwise, we vent the mind’s destruction upon the face of the Earth. Therein lies the difficulty. Creating destruction in our wake, we strive for everlasting peace and tranquility which ever eludes our death grip upon it.

The Goal Is Not The Method

Visualizations assist us in the effort of reversing the Master-Slave relationship we seem to find ourselves suddenly within. It is almost as if we wake up one day and discover that the thoughts which emanate from our mind rule us and determine how it is that we feel, and will feel, about our environment, past, present and in the future. When this occurs it becomes quite a shock and marks the beginning of realizations which allow us to find out who we really are. In discovering that truth about ourselves, a lot of effect must be sown to reap rewards well beyond any thoughts we might have on the matter. Allowing ourselves to reveal ourselves requires that we confront the demons which we have placed in the way. Visualizations is one, among many ways that assist that endeavor. In visualizing particular sensory data a clear separation becomes apparent between your willful decisions and that of the mind’s tireless quest of fullfilling it’s duties. Those duties, even though it is you who has created them, must be…

The Dead Tell No Tales

In the darkness before the dawn, at the time of one’s own choosing, there always appears a sliver of insight which goes by the name of Awakening. In the time fraught with hope, gained and lost, the ground becomes ripe for evolution to gain a foothold. It is during these times that great souls visit us and replenish our stores, allowing us to enduring just a little more ‘reality’, a little more bodily existence in which to find ourselves. Playing hide and seek with ourselves, we always seem to require another to assist us in our play. Clothed in our desires, clarity of vision becomes just another desire. With great effort and force of will, we conquer ourselves only to find no treasure, no rewards and no experience in which we can call our own. Owning up to the challenge, we forget everything we have ever learned or will learn. With each passing day, the day passes. Strange as it may seem, we are journeying full blast to nowhere.

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