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The Gift of Life (Part II)

Life presents itself for our enjoyment. It’s not my fault that the typical road chosen, not just here but in many other places as well, is filled with bumps and bruises.

Acceptable Degeneration

This is an observation: I have a bit of a background in software design and maintenance in both small and large environments. In the old days having a software ‘bug’ being pointed out was attributed to either a failure in user analysis or in…

Class of Beings

Here is an observation: I treat others as an equal.It doesn’t mean that I am.


Sometimes the broom comes out and things get swept from here to there. In the motion all sorts of other things also become lodged, dislodged and shuffled about. Like a dusty floor one can watch the fine particles float hither and…

Motionless Movement

In effort we lose grace. Just a few words to the wise.

Why I Wear A Burka

A Muslim women’s wardrobe? No, I’m not talking about that here. Behind the veil lies the one who perceives and yet is not in perception. It’s like a one-way mirror and since a mirror is ill-suited to fashion dress a burka will do.

In The Fields of Play

Sometimes the field must lie fallow in order to ensure, as well as can be expected, a more plentiful future crop. In this field there can sometimes be what is called ‘voluntary’ offsprings. It is what comes about from prior plantings or…

Barbie and Ken

This planet loves playing Barbie dolls. It’s all the rage to ‘pretend’ that one’s self is some sort of a sockpuppet, to be used and abused to no end. How quaint. In that respect, finding those who have grown up becomes a special event….

Peace in the Time of Turmoil

The only piece which can be found is the missing link and despite even that being iffy, the totality can only come about through devastation, destruction and general mayhem. Do you see the twisted logic behind that? But in the mind’s eye there…

Guess I'm An Anarchist...

“I’m not an anarchist who believes that all control is evil and should be eliminated, as then we’d simply have a much different type of mess to clean up than we do now.On the contrary, control is a necessary element to achieve anything at…

When Darkness Falls

Just for fun here are a few movie ‘quotes’: “These aren’t the droids you are looking for.” (Star Wars)


This world revolves around ideology. It’s the thought that counts. Too bad that intent trumps that.


This is going to sound really freaky but there is a little bit of heaven, brought down from above and placed upon the sands of time of terra firma. Ok, maybe that should be terra-incognito. It doesn’t matter which way the white boy’s bread is…

Taking The Last Train To Clarkville

Sometimes it can be a difficult process to convert a conceptual understanding into plain-text language so that the recipient can connect the dots in order to comprehend that which is given. This is quite the flawed process and only exists to…

All Happens

In coming to terms I find that no terms become the optimum solution. Therefore, no terms are proposed nor received. Where no terms exist, there lies the wedge of freedom.

My Eyes Adore You

Perception is something which has fallen upon me as a mantle of insight into the hearts and mind of Man. I do see though in it’s infinite wisdom the light of understanding, taking on it’s own awareness, provides the depth and breath of the…

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