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The actual mechanics of training or the mechanics of auditing became more important than getting results. Again, the ritual became more important than substance. I see that a great deal in TRs recently. Over the years they became rote, they became mechanical, they became ritualistic. The ritual was more important than the original purpose and intention of the TRs, which was breaking the components of an auditing session down into manageable, trainable and learnable steps. It taught you to audit bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece in a relaxed normal manner and atmosphere. But I see that what has happened over the last several years… it has been turning out robots, making you mechanical, ritualistic. The substance has been lost. And I would imagine in just a few more years the actual true meaning and purpose and reason for the TRs will be completely lost. People will be running the TRs as a religious ritual and not know at all what the hell was behind it at all or what the purpose was, but they do know they’re supposed to do it. And it will turn itself into a highly stylized dance. People will be graded on how well they do the dance and not graded at all on its purpose or reason.

Another way to say it is… is that the theta has been removed from the TRs, it’s that simple. One of the goals could be (and should be I think) in Scientology in general is to get theta back into Scientology. One of the things I’m certain you’ve heard a great deal of is “Don’t demonstrate Clear or OT abilities because it might compromise, damage, hurt someone else’s reality” … Bullshit! The reason Dad put that in in the mid-fifties was simply because he did not want those abilities demonstrated - again “terminal of comparable magnitude” stuff. The actual fact of the matter, if you will look at things historically and in actual MEST universe fact, is that a student should always be superior to the teacher. That is, a teacher should do such a good job that his students, as time and events proceed down the time track, become greater than the teacher. If that rule is applied then this promotes growth, expansion and research, and of course, benefit and result. A teacher should promote growth and the cutting of the apron strings so that they can go out and do bigger and better things. An organization should exist only to serve the membership, not the other way around. The rule should be that the organization or any organization should promote and ensure and help the success of its members, not itself.

I might point out too, personally speaking, insofar as organizations are concerned that I neither lead nor follow any man. I seem to have acquired an aversion to organizations.

The purpose of this tape is the dissemination of truth, not self- aggrandizement on my part nor the promotion of myself. I am very happy to speak before groups, set up and run seminars, lecture and make tapes - in fact talk to anyone about anything, anytime. I’m also anti-secrecy and I believe that everything in and about Scientology should be communicated so each individual can view all the facts face-up on the table and make up their own minds. One of the reasons for this tape is that I’ve seen too many people throw the baby out with the bath water, throw in the sponge, cave in and just plain flat give up. And that particular viewpoint is as bad as a slavish, blinded following of L. Ron Hubbard. So therefore, don’t slam dunk yourself at either end of the dichotomy. Again, put theta back into Scientology and throw out another one of Dad’s little control mechanisms (which he said at least a hundred times): “Don’t think, do it!” Sorry, but that’s reverse. Think, perceive, look, compute and when you do that I think you’ll find that it is an honor to be declared. It’s your badge of courage. It is your mark of returning to self-determination. And I would strongly suggest that you not go out there and try to clear the planet or save the world or build a Brave New World or Utopia. Forget it. Take care of yourself and your preclear and your student, and if everybody did that then all the goals would be reached. The simple rule here is: you do it, one on one and one by one. Never ever turn your brains off for any man or any cause.

As you well know by now, Dad thought he was the 8th Dynamic, and that that was the most important dynamic, when in truth and in fact what’s important is the 1st Dynamic. I mean by that: you. And when you get that in order, go on to the 2nd, 3rd Dynamics and put them back into order. They’re listed that way, you know, one through eight. They’re not listed in Dad’s private world in reverse, where the 8th is actually number one. Just operate on them and list them exactly as he originally listed them. Simple.

One of the things that really drove Dad bananas and truly freaked him out was actual demonstration in his presence of Clear and OT ability. And he actually suppressed it for reasons I’ve already given you. Plus of course he thought and was afraid someone would somehow find the Magick doors. So therefore you will notice another trend over the last 34 years, and that is that the state of Clear and the state of OT has degenerated from a state of ability to a state of mind. That is, from a level of actually being able to do something down to a level of thinking you can do it. Which again is a hundred and eighty degrees out by design. And again for reasons already stated.

As I’ve said many times, Scientology does not work as stated by L. Ron Hubbard but works as intended by L. Ron Hubbard. And I think by now on this tape and my other statements in the press and the media and to other individuals, you can now understand what those intentions may have been. By the way (I’ve been asked this many times so I’ll answer it here on the tape too) - the interview of me in the June 1983 issue of Penthouse magazine is true and accurate, period. There are two or three typos but that’s about it. And of course it has been edited down.. seven or eight hours of interview to about 5000 words. The main reason I broke into the press and the media is very simple: people tried to shut me up. I am not here to be liked or revered; I’m here to get the facts out to the public and to the membership and to the defectors and to anybody, including your Aunt Tilly. What you do with the facts and the truth is up to you, and at this juncture in time you don’t have to believe me blindly or disbelieve me blindly. There are literally hundreds of people that can now substantiate what I say and there are now literally thousands and thousands of documents which back up what I say. And again, I’ve told people for 25 years: “I told you so”. So you don’t have to like me at all but you’d better love the truth and real freedom and actual independence.

I’ve said many times, by the way, the upper levels are not only unworkable, they are highly destructive and detrimental. And again, that’s for reasons already stated. He wanted you to get close but not too close. And for God’s sakes, don’t arrive! Now I’m going to give you a clue, and I’m not going to do your thinking for you, so the clue is: those areas of Scientology where there is an added oblique direction or where he has gotten you to veer off, to the left, right, up or down as you get close to the goal point. And again he built this in. But people just don’t sit down and read what he wrote, exactly as he wrote it. That is, they didn’t look at the clues.

Okay, I’ll give you a clue now. Read the Auditor’s Code. Go back and read the original Auditor’s Code, even in the First Book, the first edition of the First Book. As you well know, Dianetics, Modern Science of Mental Health has gone through several changes over the years, so go back and get some original editions, sayin 1950, 1951, etc - around in there, 1952.

So one clue is: Do not evaluate for the preclear. So what has L. Ron Hubbard done, particularly in the upper levels? He has evaluated for the preclear. He has handed your preclear the incidents to run. He has handed your preclear the preclear’s time track. So what’s the solution? You run the preclear’s time track! Not your time track or L. Ron Hubbard’s time track or anybody else’s. Any time L. Ron Hubbard has given you in any of the writings such as OT3, Xemu and all of that stuff on a silver platter, reject it. You as the auditor find out what is in the pc’s bank and run it. Don’t let anyone - L. Ron Hubbard, your cat or the milkman - evaluate for the preclear. What he has done is given incidents and time track tailor-made to veer you off of actual achievement of the state of ability of Clear and OT. And reduced it to (on purpose) a state of thought, a decisional thing, a thinkingness state rather than a doingness state.

As you well know, MEST Clear is clearing up to 4.0 on the tone scale. That’s a Clear state in which you have theta and body in combination. Above that you have theta Clear which is clearing of the thetan itself. And then you have OT which rests in actual fact around Tone 20. Of course, about past that point you’re out of the MEST universe and just about as effective as a broken crutch so if you still want to stay in here and play games in this here world and interact with the universe in general, you’d better not launch too far above Tone 20. I’m talking about being effective. Unless you enjoy sitting above it all and kind of humming and being, and that’s about all you do. “I’m being, being, being” - that gets awful dull, guys!

Therefore, “Do not evaluate for the preclear” is a prime rule. And here again it’s where L. Ron Hubbard got his case involved. You must learn to separate L. Ron Hubbard’s own case and the tech. He probably had more withholds than anybody on the planet and he couldn’t handle his own case so he would hope other people would handle it for him. So the incidents in his own case, his own bank, rolled out and he handed them to other people to run.

Clue No. 2: You might also find it advantageous to somewhere along the line in someone’s case that you’re running, to run out L. Ron Hubbard and his case. Proper assignment of source, proper assignment of cause, proper assignment of origination and “whose case is whose?” Whose time track is it anyway, his or yours? Run your own case and you’ll make it. So let’s everybody quit running around trying to clear L. Ron Hubbard and worry about clearing themselves or getting their pc’s clear. Or getting their students trained up so they’re just as able as all getout.

You’ve got to realize too that Dad put a lot of implants in a lot of people. A whole lot of them. As an example, my mother, me, quite a number of other women, and what have you. These were put in there in order to expand his own Magick tech and power. Not particularly the tech but his personal power. That is, to strip the seal from the soul and to gain through those doorways opened by the Magick tech more power for himself. As the saying goes, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s precisely what happened to him.

If anyone recalls the old 80 processes - 8-80, 8-8008 and such, the energy flows, ridges, etc, you know then that if you get a flow going in only one direction too long and too heavy it starts to stick. And when you have a stuck flow it starts to build up a ridge. And when the ridge gets to be too solid and too big what does it do? It implodes and collapses right on top of you. I think organizationally you will see that the flow went from you to LRH and boy did it get stuck! There was nothing coming back. It was not a two way flow. And within the area of his involvement with the Magick the same thing occurred to him. He finally had everything collapse on him. And that’s prompted by greed - his greed - and his need and desire for power in order to maintain the lie, because it in itself acts as a vacuum and demands more and more power on a geometric progression.

Truth in itself is its own power source. Truth IS. Any is-ness doesn’t need exterior power, it is self-powered. It just kind of sits there and glows a little bit and it will do it forever because it has done it forever. But to maintain a lie, a falsehood, a fiction, one needs to really pump the juice into it and keep pumping. The more you pump the more it needs. And the more it needs the more it needs and the more it demands until it finally just implodes. And implodes right on Dad’s head. And this is precisely what happened. Dad always felt that he was above any law and felt he had to take the shortcut. He was in a hurry and so therefore he was not a respector of persons, minds or people (people defined as thetans). The Magick tech itself has quite a number of very basic rules and regulations that demand to be met or what happens to you is what happened to L. Ron Hubbard. Crash! Again he did not practise what he preached and did not follow a gradient and he paid for it.

He was a Master Adept of the Mysteries, but he broke the rules.

As an aside here, some time ago I heard about some kind of letter floating about from some galactic being who said they had taken over the body of L. Ron Hubbard, that the thetan known as L. Ron Hubbard had somehow disappeared. That’s a crock of nonsense. I wish to make it very clear that he was a Master Adept of the Mysteries and he was not possessed of other beings, that is, there weren’t a whole group of thetans in his head or connected to him. L. Ron Hubbard was not a medium in the spiritualist definition, they didn’t speak through him. He was not a Seth, there was not some great, grand being out there who was using, manipulating or channeling communications, truths, etc. through him. He was a Master Adept of the Mysteries. It has its own gradients and levels and instead of working his way up through them as many have done in the past - in using old Scientology vernacular, he climbed the pole. He did a quantum leap, and I might add, at great expense to others. Because he didn’t climb the gradient, it of course resulted in great instability. Another way to put it that is quite accurate is that he had a great deal of knowledge and very little wisdom. And when one is dealing with that much power, one had better be very wise indeed, I assure you.

He first became involved in the Magick at the age of sixteen, when he read Aleister Crowley’s book, The Book of the Law. And because of that Book of the Law, he also started his heavy drug usage trail which led to heavier and heavier use of drugs on himself and of course others in order to reach his goals - to be the most powerful being in the universe. If L. Ron Hubbard had a great deal of knowledge and very little wisdom, then Aleister Crowley did too. The difference between the two men was that Aleister Crowley had very little motivation. Aleister felt rather contented to just quietly be the Beast 666 instead of implementing the Magick for personal gain. This lack of drive and ambition, I think, pushed Dad onward, because to him the only reason and purpose for power was the exercising and the using of it.

It was his goal to be the most powerful being in the universe. He came very close to achieving this goal. As you know, one is always greater than that which he creates. And if L. Ron Hubbard can create OTs, that makes L. Ron Hubbard what?

When Aleister Crowley died in 1947 that’s when Dad decided he would take over the mantle of the Beast and that is the seed and the beginning of Dianetics and Scientology. The Magick tech transcends Scientology tech, but there again, Dad felt that he was above any and all law. Well, one can’t be above the Magick laws or one is going to find himself in oblivion and that’s exactly what happened. It’s extremely foolish for man or beast to think they can contain an exploding hydrogen bomb in their hip pocket. You’re dealing in the very basic woof, warp and substance of this universe and you don’t fool around with it lightly. Such as the Wall of Fire, which is as L. Ron Hubbard sees it. That again is his incident, his perception and therefore is an evaluation for your preclear. That situation, that concept, is within your preclear but you had better find out how the preclear sees it and what the preclear’s experiences with it were and are, and what the content of his track is.

You’re not going to like this folks, but the Wall of Fire is quite literally one of the Gates of Hell in the fullest biblical sense. It’s one of the power doors of the Magick. Dad got pretty jammed up on it and quite literally stuck in the doorway, again because of his misuse of the Magick. Since he could not handle the incident, he gave it to you to run. That’s a fact, check it out.

One of the sad things about all of this - in the OT levels and the theta Clear levels - is that they should be run while the pc is actually and really stably exterior. Many of these incidents and processes should only be run while the preclear is stably exterior. They were designed to be run only while outside the body not inside the body. But there again, when such things as financial factors took the front seat and it became expedient to run them both solo and with people still inside their bodies, that is one of the main reasons I say it’s very dangerous and detrimental to run some of these things unless somebody is stably exterior. And make sure it isn’t someone else’s incident you’re running out. Bodies are just plain not designed for high voltage and megawatts of power. But, you see, his opinion and idea of bodies was very low, particularly other people’s bodies. He wasted bodies like popcorn, and that’s the truth. Look at the hundreds of people that were close to him that were either rejected, disposed of, gotten rid of, or realized the truth and cut and run before it was too late. There are now at least a thousand people on the outside for every one person on the inside, when in truth and fact it should be the reverse.

One of the primary injuctions in the Magick is to hide. That’s quite necessary and very important, not bad or wrong. Part of that primary injunction is to be totally secret, to protect the doors, to protect true source and the actual path to power and the power tech itself, and to protect the realm of the deep. Now the realm of the deep is not a fourth dimension nor is it another galaxy or planet nor is it some past empire or future empire. It exists now. It does not co-exist in the same space as the MEST universe and doesn’t really have a spatial relationship, but you could say it exists next to this universe, and more accurately, under this universe. They are not connected by matter, space or time but they can be bridged and of course they can be accessed. The realm of the deep could also be called the reverse of this universe, but that’s not quite true because that would also carry a negative connotation and the realm of the deep is not negative. The realm of the deep also lies below the bottom of the tone scale. At this point states of being and geography are the same. It’s a realm not to be feared necessarily, but certainly respected.

The Magick of course goes back many thousands of years and reached its zenith of open use and application (at least compared to today) at the height of the Egyptian empire. It was carried down verbally by a hundred generations of Egyptian priests before it was even first written down and codified. They were very careful before this long litany of verbal transmission that whenever it was written it was written in bits and pieces and was kept laying about in different locations, very similar to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle being spread about. It would be similar to having the bits and pieces of an atomic bomb spread apart. Then if and as needed, it could be assembled and generally it would go off with a bang. The priests themselves had learned of the wisdom of several individuals each holding different component parts to prevent the same sort of thing that has happened with L. Ron Hubbard and Adolf Hitler and of course some of the popes and the Borgia family, Napoleon and Alexander the Great.

As an interesting sidelight, the same individual that transmitted the various Magick tech to Adolf Hitler as a young man also transmitted them to Dad. And like Dad, Hitler, when he came to power, promptly had his teachers and the occult field in general wiped out. This might answer for you in some small way the similarities of the Sea Org and the Guardian’s Office to the S.S. and Gestapo. Remember the old revolutionary rule which states one has to, the moment one comes to power, suppress those very things that achieved the power. You must not allow the populace or anyone else to do the things you did to get you there. Which is one of the reasons there has been a great vocal suppress- ion of hypnosis, because that is an entrance point to the Magick which my father used a great deal of, clear up through the fifties and clear up to the point he died.

I’ll give you another clue: Hypnosis used properly within the Magick tech actually puts the body to sleep, not the theta, not the being, and without pain and drugs is quite harmless. Go back to good old Dianetics by the way, and examine the term and condition of reverie. That’s a hypnotic trance. If one is not allowed to go into a trance then of course one cannot find the doors now, can one? The trance state is used for an entirely different purpose than one would imagine hypnosis being used for. Of course though, Dad was in a hell of a hurry so he got into the whole drug, pain, S&M scene very heavily. While it is not an accurate term, he also got involved in spirit writing. That’s not exactly what he did but it will fit here for the short space left on this tape. They could be termed “affirmations” in which he put himself into a deep drugged trance and would feed back his own voice from the very early transcribers and tape recorders. There again, you would be quite mistaken if you thought Scientology writing came from spirit writing as it is commonly understood in the occult field, and please don’t confuse the occult with the Magick. It’s a very easy trap to get into, but don’t confuse them. So, more later, and this is the end of tape 1.

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