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United Free Zone Alliance

Let’s begin with the ‘whois’ domain registration information for

  United Free Zone Alliance (FREEZONE2-DOM)
  P.O. Box 1215
  Haag i.Obb., Bavaria 83524


Administrative Contact:
    Luebeck, Bernd  (BL425)  Bernd.Luebeck@EPOST.DE
    Freie Zone e.V.
    Curd-Juergens-Str. 4
    0049 89 6704503 0049 89 6704803
Technical Contact:
    Smith, Homer Wilson  (HS133)  homer@LIGHTLINK.COM
    Art Matrix - Lightlink
    PO 880
    Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
    (607) 277-0959 (FAX) (607) 277-8913

Record expires on 18-Oct-2010.
Record created on 17-Oct-1995.
Database last updated on 22-Sep-2002 17:07:32 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


Now there is something very interesting here, and this is it:

Registrant: >>> United Free Zone Alliance

The following are just a few posts that show the time period in which a few people began to use the title “United Free Zone Alliance”. A noteworthy transition from “United Free Zone Alliance” to “Free Zone Association” is made by the poster ‘Doc Morgan’ (aka ‘Old Timer’).

Date: Sun, 12 Jun 1994 22:20:00 EDT
From: Joe Harrington



United Free Zone Alliance


From: (Doc Morgan)
Subject: Clarification of Intent
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 19:39:37 GMT


Old Timer  

United Free Zone Alliance


Subject: L. Ron Hubbard - On Homosexuals
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:41:50 -0400


Joe Harrington
United Free Zone Alliance


From: (Homer W. Smith)
Subject: Scientology and the Internet
Date: 29 Aug 1994 15:30:55 -0700

 Here is my answer to Mr. Thomas Small.  First is my paraphrase of his letter to me, and below is my answer.


 Homer Wilson Smith  
 United Free Zone Alliance


From: (Homer Wilson Smith)
Subject: Scientology Petition v2.1
Date: 1 Feb 1995 10:50:00 GMT


 Homer Wilson Smith  
 United Free Zone Alliance (Doc Morgan)
Subject: Free Zone Assoc. Announcement #1
Date: Mon Feb 5 20:12:46 1996


    Old Timer  
    The Board of Directors  
    of the  
    Freie Zone e.V.


Subject: clarification
Date: 1996/06/22
Message-ID: <4qfeqd$>#1/1
organization: Philadelphia’s Complete Internet Provider
newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

I got this from Old Timer:

    So there is no confusion as to the legal owner of the domain name,, I offer the following correction:  

    Mr. Luebeck is the administrative contact for the and homepages. The domain name is owned by the Free Zone Association (Freie Zone e.V.). The homepages are operated by the association.

    Old Timer



From: Joe Harrington <>
Subject: Re: What’s in a name? was: Re: An E-Meter Story
Date: 1997/05/10


The United Free Zone Fellowship came into existence in 1994. The “Free Zone” aspect of the name has nothing to do with the above and the name was inspired by the “Free Zone” in the movie, The Stand, based on the book of Maine author, Stephen King. I am not a “Free Zoner” and there are no “Free Zoners” in the UFZF.


This becomes interesting. We have the “United Free Zone Alliance” and we also have the “United Free Zone Fellowship” both starting about the same time. We also have ‘Doc Morgan’s’ transition from “United Free Zone Alliance” to “Free Zone Association”.

If what ‘Old Timer’ says is true about the Free Zone Association owning the domain, then the obvious correlation can be made that the United Free Zone Alliance and the Free Zone Association are one and the same. Basically, all that ocurred here is a name change.

Joe Harrington used the title, “United Free Zone Alliance” as a reference to his involvement in that mysterious group or ‘organization’. Additionally, he created the “United Free Zone Fellowship” stating that it (and he) had nothing to do with the Free Zone as defined by CBR. It wouldn’t be far off to have that same mindset being applied to the Free Zone Association through the common link of the UFZA.

There are a few things hiding in the shadows here. Among them, the importance of the Nordenholtz book in all this.

(These posts, all found on Google, haven’t been entered into the database yet, that’s why there are no links on the messages to the full document.)

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