Falling From Grace

This is a conceptual roadmap plotting the Fall from Grace.

The sense of awareness in itself creates and defines a separation from our selves, our own true nature. This is, of course, an untruth as we cannot be separate and apart from our selves at any time. All that can be done is to create an illusion, or pretend that we are not who or what we really are. In this way, the sense of awareness is nothing but a daydream, a stage play on and about our selves, starring as the main actor, our selves! We are all the actors, the stage, the setting, the audience - everything.

When awareness is born so too is it’s opposite as no one thing can exist without it’s polarity. As one side of the coin, awareness can never embrace the other, unawareness. And unawareness can never be part and parcel of awareness. Merging the two uncreates both. Both sharing the same home, their expression defines their existence.

As a totality we embrace all and are all. All that is exists within us. There is nothing else. Strange as it is, from this nothing else, something else comes. Mortal minds can’t comprehend it nor do spiritual minds. These lowly traits help to define the Fall and though we may take great relish in sustaining and justifying their existence, it ultimately means nothing.

Out of the maelstrom from the center of our beingness, beingness springs. Awareness comes to exist as the answer to pretension. If we are not who or what we really are, then what are we? What a powerful question. In such creation we are born.

We are all that we see and yet in our beingess we see very little. Slicing off a minuscule idea of the totality of which we are, we come to be some thing. We come to be that which has characteristics and traits. Our immortality must be questioned as nothing lives forever, isn’t that right?

Our birth is sudden and glorious. It is a wonder that we are alive! And in this aliveness we come to find that death exists. One thing cannot exist without it’s opposite. In death we find that beingness becomes limited and so the urge to remember is born. Being expresses itself through limitations and freedoms.

As the mind matures in it’s unrelenting pursuit of experiential delight we slowly, ever so slowly come to see that it performs a very valuable service. Bow to it we must in order to keep our story straight. The lie becomes frightened of revelation.

Becoming one thing or another, we escape being.

As the body roams the Earth existence becomes limited and narrow in scope. Ever dwindling, we find less and less salvation in our uniqueness, our individuality becomes a vast ocean in which we drown our sorrows.

The Fall from Grace is never easy and the climb back up remains the same. At least that is the appearance.

The illusion of life, of beingness remains thus so, for if we take but a moment to dive whence we came, the daydream ends. Our dream of life and living requires enormous effort and yet little, very little is devoted to honor that from which we derived. In separation we yet remain unless and until we require it no further.

In my dream I became some body, doing some thing until I did it all again and again. Eventually, the dream ended and I was right where and when I left my self. Shaking my head awake, I realized that even this dream had ended but alas there was no one to know of it, even me!

Falling from Grace requires flying into it’s arms. What’s all the bother about anyway?

In the image above, each color is a representation of a particular concept. Descending, each is a subset, or is contained within, the preceding. The mind is shown here as sub-grouped for demonstration purposes only. “Our True Nature” can also be described as “All That Is”, “God”, “Grace” or whatever term one feels appropriate.

As we think the world, it is.

Perhaps one can see how the reality of the universe or whatever space one wishes to define, is nothing but an illusion of who or what we really are. Reality, in it’s Totality, is nothing but we, our selves from whence we came. All that takes place within it, takes place within us.

Rooting Out The Problem

We are nothing but an idea of who or what we really are. This identity or beingness is the same as having a thought. Through thought we create our reality and give it life, sustaining it through the expenditure of energy in keeping the dream alive. In resolving our true nature the thought process, which is firmly rooted in the creation of our reality, becomes our own worst enemy. Behind it’s refusal to subside lie the decision making process of ‘to be’. This concept embodies survival and the willingness ‘to live’. It is it’s nature.

The entirety and purpose of becoming aware of our true nature lies in the release of our firmly held beliefs and it is in just this area that our energy is used and abused to no end. In creating life we sustain it. Letting go is not always a simple or easy undertaking.

Each and every one of us already is that which we are, that which we seek to realize or ‘attain’. In this play on our actions to the contrary, realization, or the release of our firmly held beliefs and concepts, is born. Knowing that our current condition is false, the urge to overcome it is unmistakable. It is in this framework that all our efforts to become free of our creations take place.

It’s all just a matter of letting it all go. All that we can do to is attempt to bring a realization of our true nature to the conscious mind in order to complete the circle. In this merging of our separate existence, our wholeness comes to be consciously embraced as being the actual reality of our selves.

This effort of the merging of our separate selves remains but part of the dream of life and living and yet it is through this phase that peace finally settles upon the land. The supreme rule of the land is all that we are and through our reflections we come to see of our selves as having beingness. Do you see how this reflection comes to be called ourselves and how this illusion leads us away into a thought process that cannot be anything but a dwindling madness? We are that madness and we are that which is non-madness. Our totality defies definition and description as all of these sorts of measurements are a result of what we are. We are not a result nor are we a product of anything. We just are and it is that which we are.

Breaking Down The Barriers

Here is a breakdown of some of the features of the Fall. Some of these must be viewed in a subtle manner in order to clearly see the differentiation. This is not meant to be a defining moment but merely a pointer for one’s own exploration and analysis of these phenomenon.

True Nature: Isness and Not-Isness. This is the Totality, the All That Is, God, Grace or whatever name, function or form one wishes to attach to it. Nothing can come close to describing it nor can one experience it. It just is and the whole point of self realization is recognizing the Totality of one’s self without using the finite and therefore limited, Mind.

Awareness-Beingness: A sense of self-identity or separateness in regard to the totality. This is the ‘who’ of who you are. With awareness comes beingness and with beingness comes awareness. These are not two states of existence but merely two ways of saying the same thing. One cannot be aware without a sense of being separate and apart and one cannot be with an awareness of such.

Mind: A non-physical object which is used to accumulate one’s experience as being separate and apart. This gives the ‘who’ definition. It’s the do’s and don’t’s or ‘how to’ book of conducting one’s affairs. Concepts, ideas and thoughts provide the framework in which the awareness expresses itself. The mind is the vehicle through which beingness interacts with it’s surroundings. Through this collection of relational experience, cause and effect become established.

Concept: A symbol used for representational purposes. Example: apple; roundish, red, white interior.

Idea: Conceptual relationships. Example: apple; Crunchy, juicy, sweet, hard skin, soft interior.

Thought: The cause and effect of conceptual relationships. The application of conceptual relationships creating action and reaction. Example: An apple is good when sweet and juicy and bad when sour or dry.

Think: to weigh and consider thoughts.

Understand: To duplicate a concept or concepts which are expressed from other beings directly or indirectly.

Decision: An idea upheld as being true and correct and used as a motivational force (or justification) for activity.

Science is the pursuit of separating man from God and in so doing, to learn what God is.

These terms are only used as a pointer and are defined in a particular way in order to lay out the overall interplay which is being described here. It’s boring, but sometimes, entertainment is like that.

All these terms and definitions have nuances which one could spend a large amount of time and effort in unraveling in order to clearly separate each process, function and form. This is not a necessary step towards the realization of one’s own nature as the tendency is to get caught up and carried away with the mind and it’s shenanigans. Better it is to strike the root.

Perhaps one can see how we become trapped by our own design. By relegating our definition to the mind we become subservient to it and therefore must live up to the expectations which we have programmed in. Here is cause and effect obviously working hard to keep us alive and living the dream we imagine for ourselves.

A classic example of the Fall, when it comes to the mind, is this:

* Think a thought. * Now become that thought. * Now stop being that thought - at which point it becomes impossible because one cannot stop thinking a thought while one is thinking the thought. It’s like telling someone to stop being a policeman while they are a policeman. It quite impossible.

This is the reason that many will say that it requires an outside influence, some one or some thing exterior to our thinking process to yank the leash and get us to walk a different way. One cannot change one’s beingess, one’s thoughts, one’s outlook until one understands what is going on. No amount of words, explanations, concepts or picture drawing will do it.

All it takes is the rationale to end beingness. Whether it begins with ceasing to be a thought or ending with ceasing the urge ‘to be’, all roads lead to Rome. You are the way, the means, the length and breath of it and so no one can do it for you, give it to you or provide the means.

You are the universe. You make and break the world in which you create. But that is not something that most are willing to hear or abide and so these little pointers along the way will perhaps provide sufficient entertainment so that the urge for more takes root.

It sure beats staring at moving pictures on the tele-vision.

If one wishes to survive the pain and anguish of mortal living all that need happen is the awakening of the manifestation of beingness. Not mental beingness but that which the mental depends. The one and only - You!

From there it’s just a matter of relaxing into your own Nature. But why wait. Why not just do it all in this very instant and let it all go. Just chuck it all as one discards the day’s clothes into the hamper of ill repute. Whatever concept one has of one’s self belongs to the definition of concept as stated above: “A symbol used for representational purposes.” You, obviously, are not a representation. You are You and that is That!

But perhaps that is getting ahead of the game - the game of “I’m down and out and need to work my way home.” The secret is: you never left. But don’t let me spoil the surprise for you. Go ahead and entertain yourself.

But for those who are serious, for those who take their being seriously, here is a message to take to your self: kill it. Let it die and wither on the vine as all beingness’ must. Kill it by understanding it’s nature and make-up. Not understanding what one thinks is it’s nature, but through investigation, analysis and proclamation. In other words, to see what is as it is without anyone, including you, getting in the way.

There are more than enough concepts going around to fill every inch of space, known and unknown. What good are they? For each concept there is a opposite and equal alternative. So what? Toss them all and be done with it all.

You are what you create.

So go ahead and create your true Nature. I dare you.

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