Skeksis, those crazy reptilians from the movie Dark Crystal are quite the characters and the use of them by my friend in hermakes it all the more enjoyable. So I am giving a nod of the head to these loveable, adorable and dare I say it, cute cuddlies. If only we all could strive just a little harder to become duplicate copies of these wonderful role models. I think I’m gonna puke.


Yes it’s a pretty neat focus point. Kind of like that chamber down below in the mid-east. I like the mid-east one a bit better though because well I hate to say it but… oh never mind. The thing is, is that you have to get past the security. Once that is done the rest is history. Literally. The cold is a nice place for discoveries but I prefer a climate a bit more suitable to skin bags. It keeps everyone involved a bit more upbeat. Personally I’m not into that but I do respect the wishes of others probably a whole lot more than the other way around but such is life is it not? Time-tested, we all come to find out that it’s not about what comes to us but about what we bring forth.

I'm Such A Cry Baby

My toys got taken away from me. Whaaaaa.

The Way of the Warrior

Since I’m not a warrior by any stretch of the imagination I have no idea what the ‘way’ is of one so please count me out of the devil’s advocate support group meetings and the resulting propensity for demonstrating stupid rope tricks. I’m not a magician so I am unimpressed with such ‘skill’ and craft. I think I feel some space opera coming on.

Ring, Ring. Are You There?

I’ve got an answering machine that works marvelously for screening the numerous desperate calls for attention that are made by various parties and such.

Shhhh.... All is Quiet

I’d laugh but I would have to stop what I’m already doing - which is having a very good chuckle. It’s true, I am of good nature and find that life is quite humorous. But I do pity the poor darlings and their high school drama class. Your pain is mine…. and everyone else’s. I suppose thats why they invented door mats. Gotta keep those shoes nice and clean, spic and span actually. What better way to watch the walls of Jericho crumble than to take it all out on another. Someone has to be responsible, isn’t that right? Oh, the poor darlings. I’ll try to get those fuzzy bunny slippers out in the mail as soon as is humanely possible. Oh I’m sorry, I meant to say humanly. My mistake.

Tip of the Spear

Despite viable direction being undertaken, war is coming.

revisedCatch The Wave... Again

Did you notice? Last weekend there were some big rumblings in the universe and even though it sometimes seems only those who are intuitive enough to notice are aware of such things well… it usually is true. The thing about reality is that when it changes no one tends to notice because when everything is different there is no longer a point of reference to do a quality check with. What is, is and who in the world would give that a second look? So even though everything looks the same believe me, its a whole new world.

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