Freedom Remains

Away in the hearts and minds of those who see not, there lies a better life, or so the image tells them. Through the looking glass reality develops and envelops the unaware. Surely there is a life to be had as we bow our heads in silent sleep. Dazing, our attention becomes blurred and out of focus. Slowly we rescind the rights with which our Creator has bestowed upon us for safe keeping. Are we up to the task? Even though we may shirk away from our duties, nevertheless, those duties remain in full force. We simply cannot walk away.

Aliens And The Coming New World Order

The title is a bit of a misnomer as there will be no New World order. Despite various alien influences and local combative hegemony, there is much work to be done in order to bring to fruition the best laid plans of those who perpetuate themselves in the shadows. Unless, of course, Man sees fit to embrace the immortality of servitude. But even in the face of these odds, nothing lasts for ever, and it never does. The pendulum swings as it has always swung and will continue to do so until we each find our way off the hamster wheel of life and death. There is much more to existence than existence.

The Will of Man

Among the deceased there is an ever popular idea that mental concentration will bring back life. Through massive effort and conniving means, life will again become the experiential dream blossoming into reality once more. From here to there the trail of tears lies broken and abandoned while hope rules the day and through that hope clever mental tricks become the order of the day. Through the mind disasters do happen.

Unhappiness Is The Door

Waiting in the wings, time passes us by as if we are standing still. Holding our breath we remain quiet secretly waiting and hoping that our day will come. Ever watchful for portents we never sleep. Dreaming that we are awake, our slumber takes us even further into the depths of the abyss. Gazing through the murky waters of life, we pretend. How is it that time knows no bounds and yet this ever present limits us and contains us? Thinking of other things, other lives, we fall out of favor and the present takes on a handicap glow. Running away by doing anything and everything we let ourselves feel some sort of satisfaction and yet why is it that we are ever looking out for more?

Ennobling Ourselves With Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual freedom is overrated. As a concept, it has little to do with reality and every thing to do with our own sense of so-called ‘self purpose’. Our urge towards selfishness tends to precede common sense and during our years of strife and suffering we slowly, if we are lucky enough, begin to look at our own actions and motives. Behind every thought lies an obscured reality and in our quest to have reality take shape and form at the behest of those thoughts, we die each and every day. There is no saving for a rainy day when it comes to being overwhelmed with thoughts, concepts and ideas.

The All-Pervasive Endowment of Slavery

Looking around us we see freedom in all things. From our own intentions to the creatures of nature we see and understand the freedom so inherent in their make-up. We go as we please, do as we please and say as we please. Our freedom knows no bounds but which we, ourselves, place upon it. Life is indeed, good. As a plantation slave, fully owned and cared for by the Master, we dream our little dreams and continuously put forth hope into the future. Our lives surely must not come to aught or else we will have lived, and died, in vain. And so as we seek our fulfillment we understand the freedom we have to be very precious and which must be cared for. Seeking, we die a slow death.

Feeding The Beast, We Are Consumed

What is it that makes us continue, day after day, using the same methodology of seeking answers and solutions to all of our problems? What is it that prevents us from actually putting an end to our problems once and for all? Taking a step back to see the forest, all the trees lose individual existence and yet remain as unique participants of the forest just as they have always been. Where is the line drawn where we can go no further in the conquest of ourselves so that we may live fully, and completely happy and care-free? Much to the chagrin of all philosophies and philosophers, the age-old method of applying oneself alongside particular methods of operations, are all deemed useless as the accumulation of effort free falls into oblivion. Desiring some state of happiness, we continuously trip and fall into the abyss never quite picking up on the clue that our journey, beside it’s tumultuous existence, completely and utterly fails us. But without the time to think about it all, we ignore the obvious and fall,…

Stop Staring At The Mirror

Escape, that final frontier into which we place everything at our disposal. What survives becomes pursued into submission. All must give way before us. Is this not the reason for our existence? Indeed it is and so with hearts afire we relish each and every hollow victory. Fooling ourselves into believing, we live unhappily ever after. Bearing the torch of one’s soul, can there ever be such a heavier burden? Weeping, we lighten the load, or so we think. Contemplating each and every move, our board of chess becomes overwhelmed with broken pieces scattered carelessly about. And so, with clean hands, we move on to the next opportunity of existence. “Evermore.” cries the wolf in despair.

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