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A Word On Spoilage

The ‘freezone’, as most by now know, is but a gang of roving nomads looking for a home. What they do to themselves has no interest here at FZA, but sometimes the repercussions do need to be pointed out. When one looks for like-mindedness it is like looking for a shoe that fits. It feels comfortable and so we feel safe and secure.

Scaring The Clearing Right Out Of You

One of the ways of getting the unwary to part with their currency is to scare ‘em to death. “You will never be free unless you get auditing. We can help you.”


There are SO many promises made by the various ‘native’ groups on this planet who make promise after promise of a better ‘life’, a more ‘prosperous’ existence, a more ‘powerful’ influence over others. These long lists of propaganda, peddled in a carnivorous material world, very often succeed in devouring those who step forward to lay claim to the various titles of nobility which are purchased at great expense. The urge to gather experience and through that experience to ‘create’ more experience is like giving a lollipop to a child. It is immediately and with great relish, quietly devoured. Yes, the individual is quietly devoured.

Free Zone: A Definition And Explanation

Free Zone America defines the term “Free Zone” as: “A ZONE, or area, where spiritual awareness may be pursued FREE of outside or disruptive forces.”

Deception And Control (New Forum)

There is a new forum titled “Deception And Control” and it has a specific agenda. This is not to say that, along with everything else on this web site, it will not change over time - it will. The idea of being in session while using the forums on FZA is a good idea as it not only resides well with directness, but it is also quite healthy for the Free Zone in general, not to mention all of the individuals who have contact with it. The additional Forum is also a good indicator toward getting user registration fully implemented.

Who's In Charge Of This Planet?

Is there a ‘someone’ in charge? An elitist group perhaps? How about an alien agenda? Maybe no one is in charge, just our own narcissistic urges. There is a TON of information available that points in all directions, including in and upon itself. That is easy to see, but if we were to sit down and try to sort it all out, well… that would take quite a bit of effort not to mention a length of time that will surely put us all in the grave and beyond the reach of doing any good at all. If we are waiting for our next lifetime to make a difference I have news for you: it will be much worse than what it is now, so I would suggest rethinking the thinking of putting it all off ‘till tomorrow.

Forum: Deception And Control

It’s been made clear that this site deals in directness. This also means that endless reasons, explanations, justifications and “why’s” mean diddly-squat. If one cannot or will not use one’s ability to peek behind the veil then of course, directness is to be avoided at all costs. No so here. This forum is ONLY for pointedly working one’s way through all the deception and control so prevalent in the environment these days. References during this search and discovery are of course welcomed but no reliance should be made upon these as any and all references are suspect. This is, after all, a forum for exposing deception and control and using a reference work to base one’s understanding upon creates a ‘knowledge dependency’ which is quite contrary to finding and exposing one’s own inner knowledge. The Free Zone holds spiritual freedom in the utmost regard and through that freedom, ALL truth comes from within.

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