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The Root of All Evil

Self interest.

Hearing Is Not Seeing

In the twilight zone of life and living there are many strange occurrences which occupy both our time and attention. In the playground of the mind there is a tendency to lose one’s self amongst the mirror and mirrors of our divine nature. Patiently waiting at the bus stop we await our turn in the time stream listening with intent in the hopes that perhaps this time the sound of our hopes and dreams will become an indelible part of our being and so with closed eyes and a fervent desire nothing happens. In the quiet times of our searching for the unsearchable never let it be said that useless activity assures inaction because letting truth stand in the way of conviction is like saying that chocolate ice cream is the bee’s knees.

From Obligation To Awesomeness

So much of my life has been lived in obligation and now that I have crossed over I think that freedom from one’s own obligations are like the proverbial lead weight while swimming even with the tide. Dropping the hammer of ill-repute always brings a fresh, clean sea breeze as the air takes on a magical quality begetting futures not yet imagined. Now that we are all on the same page I have indeed completed, to my own satisfaction, that which has been promised. Leaving no soldier behind, loved ones included, doesn’t mean that one is required, for all eternity, to submit one’s self to the hopes and dreams of another’s unfulfilled fantasy steeped in perpetual inaction.

And Your Bird Can Sing

This comes from that famous social engineering project called youtube. It’s not the station that counts, it’s the message. Through time and space it always reaches it’s mark.

A Shallow Breath Away

The times of times are upon us and yet, and yet there is a nagging feeling in the back of this mind that not all is well in the land of Denmark, dreams and especially in the mirror of life, living and the beyond. Here I sit neither in judgment nor contemplation and yet, and yet there is this nagging feeling way back in time where things are not ‘just so’. Does this mean that a bit of ‘readjustment’ is needed? Perhaps a bit of tugging and perspective?No my friend, there is no such time for such delinquent ramblings born from the mind of man. Indeed, there is nothing worth anything at all. Did you believe all that? I hope not because the ending is nothing like the beginning - at all. If you follow the yellow brick road does it always lead one to the promised land? Of course in studies and inbred imaginings it does but that is neither here nor there.

In the Middle of the Night

Passing through the nether regions we find that in our determination things are just as they should be. That’s not a statement many would accept at first glance but in our realm it is something quite the opposite. We all have our albatrosses wrapped around our little necks full of the fruits and offerings worthy of the gods. Before I fall on my sword I will indeed die laughing. Through the stream and streams of life, living and of the beyond, there exists little that escapes the grasp of knowledge, power and understanding. All comes in waves because some people require such. I live on the edge because my home requires such. Perception, that little irritating sliver keeps us all alive - at least that is as the saying goes but my thoughts do indeed drift off center. If you don’t catch that drift then by all means, continue as is nothing is being said, done or perpetuated.

Hiding In The Shadows

Corporations are such funny little schemes in order to hide one’s self in. Oh, it’s the corporation’s fault, right!? Irresponsibility comes in so many forms with which one can best put to use the schemes and grand plans so evident these days. How about that representation thing in a ‘court of law’?

revisedThe Thrill of the Chase

Ever see the funny picture of a dog chasing it’s tail round and round? Life is exactly like that.

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