Before It's Too Late

Perhaps it already is. If you value your Spiritual Freedom, even the idea of spiritual freedom, now might be the proper time to follow through on your Quest.

Death By Taxation

In a world gone mad it can appear that psychosis run deep and wide but in reality all that we are measuring is ourselves alone. Expanding our sights, we take in the world and give it shape and form, deftly coloring it with our artist’s brush. All in an effort to bring it alive. Alive with ourselves. As we pile up our debts and forget that borrowing cannot be had we slowly strangle ourselves. The ebb and flow of the tides merely keep watch upon the sands of time but this lie, like any other, merely obfuscates the truth of ourselves. Keeping secrets, we feign silence.

How Good Are We?

Entering the twilight of our age, who is it that will save us from ourselves? If we lack the courage to engage ourselves and still continue to yearn for freedom, placing our rights and responsibilities at the feet of another will gain us nothing but further slavery. If we fail to meet ourselves destruction becomes a natural consequence with time undertaking the role of enemy. Not only time, but space as well. They will all seek to attain harmony and even though man would rather destroy everything about him than to harbor a courage of one’s self, all comes to naught. Efforts are always wasted when purpose and plan are of utmost importance. How do we see Life when our eyes are glazed over with our own beingness. If not one set of clothes, then perhaps another until finally we realize that the clothes do not make the man.

Chance Happenstance

In a moment of peace the silence of our being arises and lets us know that we do indeed exist. Isn’t it strange that in order for peace to come to us we must kill all the thoughts and ideas that we have of ourselves? Holding on to things, we weigh ourselves down and upon letting go, we ‘become’ free. And so, Spiritual Freedom is nothing more than just being ourselves - wholly and completely. So to what purpose or design do we harbor thoughts of any kind? Is thinking a requirement for living? Of what lies beyond this concept of creation?

Sharks In The Water

Awakening from one state and into another, by whatever means we use to justify it to ourselves, is nothing but one more step on the ladder of illusion called our own universe. You see, we have no universe to begin with other than the one we imagine for ourselves. Some call this a viewpoint from which to view and others call it thinking, either way it’s an imaginary journey down an imaginary road. Reality is beyond conception and so in trying to hold onto it, we become that much more entangled in our own web of deceit. Trying as we do, all that is accomplished is further fixation in our solution of survival. Survival of what? Survival of our imagination? What else is there to survive than the viewpoint we so lovingly embrace?

Freedom Of Expression

I found this quote on If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.> Noam Chomsky

Turning A Blind Eye

Keeping one’s eye on the prize requires that we pay no attention at all to those who wish to hinder us in our efforts. There are always a few who seek destruction and attach themselves to others in order to carry out their dirty work but that attachment can only come about by one’s own wishes. Further, when something negative comes one’s way it doesn’t mean that we are of poor heart, rather it is a means to intensify our resolve to reach the prize and that prize, of course, is Spiritual Freedom. What other prize could there be for a sane being. As we progress in our efforts we should not fall prey to experience as experience is simply a collection of images and such from the past. The past cannot and never will provide us with our prize. The past is dead, let it go.

Secrets Kill Freedom

Secrets kill Freedom. This is so because any withhold, by it’s nature, requires that Freedom be placed just a little bit further ‘out there’. Freedom cannot be risked when a withhold is latched onto. This results in the following: The church of Scientology has secrets.The freezone has secrets.The government has secrets.The World Bankers have secrets.

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