Nothing Ever Lasts Forever

As the treadmill called time runs under my feet the only rest there is lies at the end of the cycle. It’s not about running like mad in order to end the workout sooner or to be able to say that a great deal of effort has been expended to make sure the run was a good one. I’m not much interested in the run-of-the-mill escapades of the ever diligent work-out crowd gathered together like mice attracted to cheese feasting upon free morsels to one’s heart content. Sooner or later the juice runs out and the machinery of Mankind comes to a squeaky halt. I think that I enjoy that part the most, watching the experience unfold for others who though taken by a ‘surprise’ like the typical birthday that everyone has forgotten, come to terms or rather succumb to the terms as it seeks it’s way home to become a ‘new’ reality. It’s the hand we get dealt and like it or not we have to make the most of it.

I Have A Confession

My confession is that I do not speak what is true. It is true.

Well Hello Sunshine!

Ain’t you just a pretty sight to behold. I just can’t stand to look at you directly when your brilliance is gonna blind me to death. You are just awesomely amazing and not only that but you are the center of everyone’s stage. As our eyes feast upon your amazing existence our mouths are agape with not only wonder but with perhaps just a tad of envy as well. There, I said it. I can’t believe I’m telling you this. When royalty is encountered it’s not about the title, pomp and circumstance even though that has a great deal to do with it but about your awesome presence. Yes, when you walk into a room we all know it as our heads automatically, like beacons in the night, seek and find the source of what just walked into the room. And when the attention rests upon your nature our smile gives us away. Oops! You caught us again!

Thoughts of Grandeur

Way back in the day when I did the thingy I met and befriended Mike and Virginia. It was my good fortune to be able to do so and over the years that friendship has never wavered. Even in the face of concerted efforts by others the basis has endured. I think that it always will. It’s really amazing to me the amount of time and effort that others have put in just to try to negatively effect that bond. From trolls on the Internet all the way to my spouse the range has been far and wide and yet I can still say that I have the very same friendship that I started with.

So, It Looks Like A Forever

Fore as distinct from aft. It does seem like a forever doesn’t it but sometimes our little teeny tiny human minds just aren’t worth a hoot. At least not in my book and that book is one not many are familiar with. But no matter.

revisedLeaving On A Prop Plane...

Now here is an interesting thing for digestion. Dated the 20th of May, 1954 I was born in this country in December of that very same year.

Ivan The Terrible

There once was a billy goat named Ivan. No, he wasn’t terrible, just Ivan. I’ve heard that goats can eat just about anything and everything. Now some will tell you it’s all a myth, that goats do not eat tin cans. And then on the other side of the equation there is a $woman who just tells it like it is.


There are a number of rules of the road so to speak, that exist. I’m not talking about Man’s foray into qualification and quantification, I’m talking about the basis for which life forms exist, that tiny little thing referred to as a commonality among life to which a basis of understanding comes to be achieved. You might consider them rules of the road but the problem comes when pride refers to them as constraints and suppression. On this planet there are numerous examples of a commonality through which so-called governments act and pretend to act in order to further agendas cloaked in a darkness intended to hide actions and intent. These things have nothing to do with that to which I am referring to when I say rules of the road.

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