Littering The Streets With Corpses

They already are and for those of unbridled sight the obvious becomes a moot point. What is, is. It’s not a matter of belief but purely a matter of seeing. Observing the obvious becomes obnosis, the action or ability of seeing reality for what it is not for what it is served up or presented as being. It’s not a matter of pulling aside the curtain to peek behind the veil, rather it is one of being rooted in the knowledge that form and event are what they are, not what we may think them to be. Taking the personality out of the equation resolves the riddle of life and living. This then, is the form and purpose of resolving one’s being, of removing the veil of our own thoughts, ideas and concepts which we grandly bestow upon reality thus giving it appearance and plan. Mankind seems to be forever at war with it’s own nature as can be easily seen it it’s barbaric display of contrary notions. The ideology of our own demise is the one which we take on as our very own. Captivated and enslaved we create the…

Something's Shaking in Antarctica

(The title of this piece comes from an interesting news report.) Antarctica, the famous and fabulous destination resort for the underprivileged remains the hot spot that it always has been. Some things never change, promises the sales poster of now well-established and known repute. Come see what’s happening at the fore-front of an ever evolving future, the brochure reveals in it’s captivating ideological pretense. Standing room only!

Where Have You Gone

Going and coming, both are used as the tools they are. Remember, there is no such thing as coincidence and there are no accidents. A slip of the tongue is expression overriding the mind’s tendencies. Striking the root bares all. Lately there hasn’t been much of a reason to post to this website. We have been relocated to south Georgia for a while now and the environment is quite palatable. The nice thing about the gypsy life is that one goes where one must. Personal needs and wants is not something contemplated and in the scheme of things, all things are related - just ask the stewards of the land.

Finding Reality

In order to full understand what is going on in the Universe one must fully understand one’s self. I know that this can sound pretty goofy, but according to the popular belief systems at play here on planet Earth people must read and be taught what is real and what is false. This is, in fact, a good definition of what is goofy. Understanding, and more importantly, wisdom, can and is only achieved through self revelation. No matter the crazy stories one encounters the mind of Man is already extant. In viewing a reality based upon our own assumptions we come to believe. Belief is NOT knowledge but merely an idea and since we currently live in the time of ideas we tend to find those of like mind with which to compare notes.

Predator Mode

There are many modes of operation throughout the various processes that are put into play during a mission. The particular one being discussed today is Predator Mode. As you already know a predator is that which preys or hunts and kills for food. This very apt description suits this mode as to what we are doing is hunting and killing the Beast. In this case, the Beast is en-theta, or enturbulated theta. Since theta, by it’s nature is pure and clean, untainted by thoughts, ideas and concepts, this enturbulation or evil comes to be man-made. It is an acquired possession used as a tool in the attainment of personal gain. That is the keyword here in regard to enturbulation - personal gain. Dynamically speaking, the lessor the number of dynamics one enjoys being responsible for, the greater the amount of personal fixation. Enturbulation is nothing but an up close and personal testament to one’s selfish desires which of course are born to do nothing but seek release.

Seeing Is Believing

In times of trouble Man strives to reach new heights of being, of leaving that which is undesirable far, far behind. In extending his grasp Man pulls from deep within himself the motive and action for plotting a new course, a course which will bring to him that which he seeks. In seeking Man defines himself. In definition, Man embraces purpose and action. There are doors to open and worlds to explore. The Great Fall continues unabated.

Enlightenment On A Dime

Going cheap we get cheap. In our quest for always low prices our capitalistic tendencies get the better of us by enticing the money in our pocket to be forthcoming. Public institutionalized schooling has taught us well - to be good little robots while we waste our lives feeding from the trough of life and living as provided for us by those who have our best interests in mind. Yes, the powers that be are always right would never entertain the slightest idea of doing another harm. In the agony of defeat the spoils of war are ever just beyond our grasp which of course simply encourages us to seek and to find other ways and means to climb the food chain yet again in the continuing thirst for stature and status. We are what we eat.

Galactic Patronization

Exploring the never ending worlds of conquest and dominion one will eventually rise above these ‘local’ problems and reach a state of expanded awareness. But what is this expanded awareness of and what does it entail? Man, being defined as that societal body of like-minded souls who have come together in an attempt to resolve problems of magnitude, endures an existence in the dichotomy of pain and sorrow, joy and happiness. Swinging both ways Man is certainly unstable and for the lack of answers, comes up with numerous creative ways of ‘staying alive’. By this is meant the process of experience.

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