The Killing Fields

It’s called planet ‘Earth’, home to the rich and fabulous, beggar to the god of Capitalism. The ‘economy’ is such a hot topic in materialism since it’s heart and soul lies in climbing up the food chain with a fist full of dollars in order to declare in resonance, “I win!”. Unfortunately, winning isn’t everything - by any sane moral standard. Declaring martial law is just another rung on the ladder to great heights from which the fallen will gleefully delight in falling even further. Where one consumes in order to escape the depths of hell one becomes contracted to the eventual return. The problem is not in escaping the depths of perversion but more of intelligently and objectively looking into one’s own purpose and plan or state of being.

Pay The Piper

What does finding one’s way have to do with living in the world of Man? Are we to keep ourselves busy in the time of need so that other, more important matters may be dispensed with and laid in the realm of ‘lost and forgotten’? Attention is such a coveted foe that as we give up the ghost simply because we find ourselves devoted to ‘information overload’ we little realize exactly what it is that we are freely giving up. Giving can be hard to do but what about giving up? What about freely relinquishing that which others salivate for? What is it that we are doing when we feed the demanding? What ever could the consequences be of that which is given up in the name of some idea all in the name of an intellectual understanding which is obviously festering from the feeding frenzy of lust, greed and immorality. Capitalism is such a fine thing is it not? For every action there is an opposite, equal payment. Like begets like.

The End-All Of Be-All

My resignation has been tendered effective immediately, all associations have been dissolved and all agreements henceforth concluded. There can no longer be claimed any sort of relationship with any type of association, etc. The Galactic Patrol, Free Zone, Grand Council and all other such devices are now left up to their own. As of this moment there are no ties that bind with but one notable exception. Perhaps this can be considered as the moving on from one very obvious and over-played game to a much more interesting one.

Copyright Is A Term Of Commerce

“Copyright” is a term of commerce and therefore can never be applied to that which is of the spirit. What is a ‘business-man’?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

This section of the Universe is a bit out of the way much like a backwoods outpost stuck in the middle of no-where serving no other useful purpose than of being there, of having or establishing a presence. It’s like making one’s self known and this is a very apt description of what is going on here on both sides of the equation. When some thing or some one is busy making themselves known then it is always a sure sign that trouble is brewing, that something untoward is going on. But this demonstration of being-hood is neither unexpected nor inappropriate but more of an establishment of boundaries, of rules and regulations being brought to bear. In this game of life and living there is no shortage of those who, with tails between their legs, seek out an unaltered existence in an environment more conducive to their own ends. It’s like making sure that one wins by playing in a neighborhood ignorant of the game being played, the rules, regulations or even that there exists beings who harbor, exploit and…

revisedWhy Is This Website Here?

[Ed: Regarding] A ‘why’ is always a good place to start. As a matter of fact all decisions come down to that - a why. Why did the church abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did Ron’s Org abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did the so-called ‘Freezone’ do away with common sense? Why did this most unimportant Sector come to be ruled and regulated by the Grand Council? What is the nature of being? Why are we here and what is it that we are really doing - to what end?

revisedVector Analysis Boards (VABs)

David Griffin first brought this subject to light and I don’t think that many fully realize the importance of it. It’s not important from the standpoint of ‘figure-figuring’ things out, and it’s not important as an addition to a ‘that’s interesting’ mentality. There is much, much more behind the subject than what may, at first, appear.

revisedLife Is Worth Living

Life is said to be worth living, but isn’t that what Life is all about anyway? Confounding simplicity creates the hardships which we gleefully throw at ourselves each and every day. The only hardship that exists is the effort in which we place our entire existence within. The effort of not-knowing. Believe it or not, this requires a great deal of effort to keep in place. Is it any wonder that it becomes even more difficult to recognize Truth when we see it? Is it any wonder that we strive, for innumerable lifetimes, to seek for the answers in which we so dedicate ourselves to denying?

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