'Independent' Scientology

The religion, the philosophy, the company, take your pick. In shuffling the deck confusion reigns and in that confusion stable data become the frontier where we search for new life, new meaning, to go where no one has gone before. As the pack rat gathers and stores, some pictures are indeed worth much more than just a paltry thousand words. Floating beyond time and space the imagination runs wild… Which brings us to the so-called ‘independent’ scientology field. It’s an oxymoron for course for there is no such thing as an independent scientologist.

revisedMore Gazing At The Stars

In an interesting look-back, astronomer’s gaze upon the universe and wonder at the wonder of it all. Reaching unto the vast expanse meaning comes to be derived. It’s no different than what the ensuing episodic muttering is all about.

Doing It For 'Free'

Money, money, money. Gimme, gimme gimme! You hear it from almost every corner of humanity, that desperate heart-wrenching cry for the all mighty and omnipresent medium of exchange, the rallying cry for ever more.

Passing The Time Of Day

Day or night the passage of time comes to be inevitable. Lazily we stand by the sidelines waiting and watching life pass us by wondering in despair when it will be our turn. Yes, when will it me my turn!?

Hiding In Wolves Clothing

“These are the times that try Men’s souls.” There are the times just as they always are and let’s not forget the other half of the equation - a spiritual being wrapped in a female late-model Ford. It’s all the rage no matter the make or model but tracking all the serial numbers can be such a pain!

Wrenching Despair From The Heart of Man

How does one pull away that which is closely held? As candy from a selfish lad parting ways create turmoil and in this turmoil great change takes place. But why is there this requirement for turmoil? Why does Man suffer so and most of all why is there this clutching of the breast to hold for now and forever? We do indeed choose in which family we will marry. Though the family of Man requires of us rules, regulations and rituals nothing can take away our individual right of beingness other than through our own propitiation. The mind of Man contains a complexity not seen for quite some time and for good reason. Who the heck would do such a thing!

Breaking The Vow of Energetic Emanations

Energy, the way of the peace-full warrior and the n’er-do-well. It’s all the latest rage. The latest rage.

Website Happenings

It must be a life-long quest - the perfect website both in content and context. Well, it’s never going to happen but it is sure fun along the way. All sorts of things and such pop up here, there and everywhere. We do influence our environment by not only our actions but our thoughts and words as well. Through this ‘happening’ this website continues it’s drive down memory lane. The latest news in regard to this is that user commenting has been, once again, thrown out the window and the format has been pared down out of respect for the minimalist viewpoint. I suppose this could also be described as being bound by a more direct route. Simple, straight-forward and as the arrow which flies true.

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