Another Uneventful Day

In retrospect I see that in day-to-day operations there is just nothing going on. If one partakes of the concept of experience and it’s tag-along buddy karma it’s quite easy to see how one’s life and living experiment is coming full circle. Things come at us full speed ahead and in those emotional times our scales of honor, dignity, justice and the american way come into play. My, my, my. We tend to be such busy little beavers. Are you catching my drift?

Edging The Winds

Walking down the street along the edge of time we tend to discover and re-cover those things which impinge upon on our ‘good will’. Looking out across the vastness of emptiness called space we see and even then we refuse to believe. Oh the trials and tribulations of Man. Hanging on to thought we scream with glee as the roller coaster of life and living takes us wherever the hell it wants. But we are in control. Always.

Broken But Not Stirred

It’s true, all of it. I am not a flesh being. Yeah, you might think I am because I complain about the body’s dislike for one thing or another but… so what. It doesn’t change anything, I’m still out here in the nether reaches just beyond one’s grasp. Another way of saying the same thing is that when one dreams and reaches for the stars… there they are.

I'm Trying But I Just Can't Do It

The world beckons with outrageous tentacles writhing this way and that as a heat-seeking missile looking to meet up with it’s target. Once joined as one, another victim can be added to the ever-growing list. Record keeping has got to be a bear. Enticing with mental constructs the bait is set and low and behold, as the hunter is calmly and attentively poised behind their duck blind, the trap is sprung. Like my little duck friends who fall from the sky going from life to death in but a blink of the eye, the stage is set and getting out alive is not something that crosses the now dead electrical impulses of the brain. Look at me, I’m not here.

It's A Doris Kind of Day

I do believe it is a Doris kind of day.

It's Just You

When I Stumble… Will you catch me if I stumble and begin to fall?

Scaredy Kat

People these days are really buying into this terror everywhere crapola. It’s not really surprising when there is already a fear-based culture in existence with which one can bend and shape perception into whatever the hell one wants. Look at me, I’m afraid.

Wee Willy Winky

Looking about there is not much to see. Sure, there are plenty of hands up in the air saying “Look at me, look at me!” but their grandstanding is of little concern or even interest. Running with the big dogs requires a certain flair and without it you might just as well be one of the herd traveling through the stockyard on the way to the meat house. I hear that they have nice motels along the way for the weary traveler. But then the highway bypass got built and everything went to hell in a hand basket real quick even though I’ve never personally owned a hand basket. Some dogs simply stay on the porch, especially when their cup of tea hasn’t been brewed yet. Ever see the velvet painting of a group of dogs playing poker? Serious business that is. Some dogs can be trained to not eat on command. Other dogs just lie there, all disinterested-like and pretend that their breed has value. I always ask the question, what value and how much?

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