revisedDear Diary

‘Ain’t from around here, are ya’ It’s true. Maybe that’s why I stay under the radar so much. Of course the other reason is that I’m but a scared whittle boy afraid to do anything…. anything at all.

Mobile Me

I’m on the move. House, gone. Kids, out the door. Job, long, long gone. Wife, well… sometimes people put up with me and some… don’t. What the hell are you doing here anyway? Don’t ask me ‘cuz I just live here.

A Walk in The Shadows

I do not stand in front, you will never see me at the fore-front. It’s not because I do not wish to be the target, it’s that I know my place in the universe. You see that twinkle in God’s eye, yeah…. that’s me. Humility. Being humble means that one is not full of the idea of one’s self. The big error in many, many so-called philosophies is that the concept of me is all important — and it is. But that is not the full story and is one best left for you to discover or perhaps, uncover. Believe me, it’s already there.

The Mystery of Man

I don’t make myself known. Sure, I’ve got a website and post the ever-popular ‘crazy’ notions that things are not what they appear and perhaps even delve into far-out ‘imaginings’, but that doesn’t change anything. I am under the radar in the same way that I am behind those who, as it may be said, lead. You don’t know me and in all likelihood never will.

Let My People Go

Sometimes I feel like Charlton Heston when he udders that memorial line: “Let my people go.”

Another Uneventful Day

In retrospect I see that in day-to-day operations there is just nothing going on. If one partakes of the concept of experience and it’s tag-along buddy karma it’s quite easy to see how one’s life and living experiment is coming full circle. Things come at us full speed ahead and in those emotional times our scales of honor, dignity, justice and the american way come into play. My, my, my. We tend to be such busy little beavers. Are you catching my drift?

Edging The Winds

Walking down the street along the edge of time we tend to discover and re-cover those things which impinge upon on our ‘good will’. Looking out across the vastness of emptiness called space we see and even then we refuse to believe. Oh the trials and tribulations of Man. Hanging on to thought we scream with glee as the roller coaster of life and living takes us wherever the hell it wants. But we are in control. Always.

Broken But Not Stirred

It’s true, all of it. I am not a flesh being. Yeah, you might think I am because I complain about the body’s dislike for one thing or another but… so what. It doesn’t change anything, I’m still out here in the nether reaches just beyond one’s grasp. Another way of saying the same thing is that when one dreams and reaches for the stars… there they are.

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