The Role of Scientology

As of late I am laying to rest a few perceived viewpoints regarding my own foray into the universe called Scientology. This is another. The religion and philosophy of Scientology is a true and correct religion and philosophy with demonstrable outcomes. It does produce a more balanced and integrated spiritual being.

Penance In Purgatory

This is a ‘come clean’ sort of report where I divulge a bit of information about myself and my actions regarding the Free Zone America ( website. Though the website has been long laid to rest there is some information which I would like to be made known in regard to a particular chain of events. The Privacy Statement as presented in 1998:

Wiling Away The Hours

There is always news of some sort to make the headlines. There is always some play being acted out on the public stage strictly for public consumption. “It is all for the common good.” “One needs to know these sort of things.” “Being informed is every citizens duty.” The propaganda is continuous and ever refreshed with new dress but behind the curtain the wizard pulls all sorts of levers and gizmos in order to watch the dance - the dance of conviction and betrayal. Puppets do serve the Master well and can do nothing in response to their own true nature. In so betraying one’s own nature the puppet becomes real and the belief of aliveness takes over. Dancing according to the strings pulled one makes all sorts of gestures portrayed in action gleefully exclaiming one’s own willful nature. “My, the news seems to be working particularly well today.”

Hubbard and The Flying Dutchmen

For a number of years I watched as those who came out of the business end of Scientology looked back and pinned the blame on Hubbard. Hubbard this, Hubbard that - it was all the liar’s fault and even now as he lay happy as a clam in his grave his accusers amazingly enough continue to gain traction. Even though that limelight is now shared with Hubbard’s pet the basis remains. It’s someone else’s fault. They are the cause of all Mankind’s problems. As the mantra is chanted in unison “You! You! You!” it becomes quite obvious it’s all about “Me! Me! Me!”. Some people just never learn and perhaps that is the point. Breaking free from one’s own egotistical chains is not an easy thing to do in the exact same way that creating those chains of horror is a painful and difficult thing to do. But people do these sorts of things and some of them go so far as to do them repeatedly meaning that they never fully finished the first time around.

Peeky-Peeky, I See You

In the deafness of the hour what is it that shall remain? What is it that remains alone and aloof in the darkness called conscious awareness? To be aware is to be and in remaining so fixated upon the destiny we humbly call ourselves Movement remains. Unfixed, unmoved and in the expression we call ‘me’ who is it that calls our name in the quiet of night? Who is it that whispers in the ear of attention in order to sway thought this way and that? What is it that motivates the motivator to action in the world of Man? We are never alone and yet in the face of the darkness we call home the echoes of our sobbing provides the company we solemnly keep. Are we really so alone? Are we really so separate and apart that we can honestly say that we have become caught in the web of our own deceit expressing itself fully and completely in the land of pain and sorrow? Of course we find that in the looking our eyes reflect the movement of our being. But I wonder - just how many movements does the composer have in mind. In…

Killer Klowns

There is a movie called “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” from which this derives it’s name. The movie is ridiculous but the message is not.

Through The Eye of Newt

Perception is an interesting phenomenon where views can come and go altering itself into strange beasts along the way. Through the placement of attention perception becomes defined thereby altering our being. We see all that we see - at least for the moment and when our actions dictate alteration who is it that notices once the change is complete? When one becomes then one is. Through the stability of rigidity definition coalesces in the universe we call home - and such a grand home it is! Through our belongings we can trace back ownership and behold the grandness of being. There at the core lies the truth of our essence. There is no other but through tried and true methods of madness the concoction of our so-called nature becomes defined and definable. Pointing the way we look and see and say “Yes! - That is Johnny!”

revisedAbout Scienotology Public Relations

“Scienotology Public Relations” is a pseudonym which was used for a short while to post messages to two newsgroups on internet. Here is a disclaimer that was made known at the time: *** Please Note:Although these “Public Relations” postings have been made using an organizational name similar to that of the Church of Scientology, this does not mean that these public statements are in any way associated with that corporate entity or with any of it’s many corporate offshoots.The thoughts and ideas expressed within these statements may be similar in a perceived overall philosophic nature, but please do not take this to mean that we are in any way associated with, or have received the acknowledgement of, the above organization.We believe that spiritual attainment is beyond the scope of mortal man and that the legal issues arising from those who seek to destroy that attainment merely obfuscate the truth.Truth is where you find it, not where it is said to be found.

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