Quiet. In the stillness of nothing what is it that encompasses awareness so as to enable the perception of such? What is it that provides the movement in order to see, hear, taste and touch. At arms length we live a life in the fast lane and yet that which is near and dear to us remains aloof and untouched through means of non-interest. In awareness we enter the body and in awareness we take our leave. To say there is ignorance is ignorance itself!

revisedYou Are What You See

This website uses the phrase “you are what you see” as a sort of slogan or mantra in order to create a common basis of understanding In order to rely understanding from point ‘A’ (this article and even this website) to point ‘B’ (the reader) a number of factors become involved. Among those factors are the definitions of words, terms and phrases. While sensing each of these the reader will typically use their own interpretation without a second thought until the context becomes ill-defined. At that point, if the reader is conscious enough, he or she will search for the mis-match where understanding went awry, where the reader’s own understanding and that of the author diverted. At that point the reader either gives up their definition or interpretation and either temporarily or permanently takes on the viewpoint of the author, or refuses the author’s interpretation over of the right-ness of their own.

The Blurring Of The Eyes

The lines between the various sections of this website are becoming quite blurred meaning that the separation imposed is not living up to it’s standards. Perhaps another website change is in order but that would depend upon a number of other factors which are always involved. No one lives in a vacuum despite the wish for otherwise. For the life of me I simply cannot figure out what the heck I am doing here on this website - and I mean that from day one of this website and it’s precursor Free Zone America (fza.org) along with each and every variation in between. It’s interesting that with all the discussion and bantering about that occurred on fza.org the end result seems to have worked out quite well. The goal obviously met it’s match. So what is the point with this website? I am asking this in relation to the previous statement.

Suckling The Teat of Despair

It’s all the rage. From every corner of the universe a select few stand out amongst the crowd and proclaim the answer to whatever it is that you are looking for. The ultimate answer as the solution to Man’s woes and concerns, your woes and concerns. As the Magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat and says “See, I solidify and direct your attention as I please!” so too do those who egotistically proclaim “the way out”. The way out. From whence to where? All travellers take whatever means of transportation that is available during their vacation upon the sands of life and living. It really doesn’t matter the vehicle but the destination… the destination is the thing. That is where the vacation really begins. All eyes are upon it all year long.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Sometimes in the push for reality to conform to our opinions our feet take us for a stumble or two. This purpose-full activity is no accident or ‘awkward’ moment in time and space. Looking out upon the universe we tend to lay claim to what we imagine but sometimes, in the search for truth, liberty and the American way, reality leaks out and makes it’s way out into the known. That is a fallacy of course but the thread binds. In the development of the foundation of a round table of discussion the rules of the road must be laid clear in order to create a common viewpoint from which all future action may take place - in this case, discussion.

Grazing On The Fields of Play

Boundaries by their very nature require limitation and lack. Of necessity action dictates movement across the plains and fields of time. From one square to another the mobility of noble kings and queens stake and lay claim to territory already understood as conquered. Upon the subjects of duty forward movement hangs. In this weakest link the vampire requires a constant ebb and flow of new blood, of new energy to dwell upon. All across the fields of play cows graze to their heart’s content - and it is to this appearance that life unfolds - for what else is it for? There are no winners and there is no such thing as losing. In the dance of freedom the spirit soars and finds no recompense among the living. Culling the herd only leaves another scar upon our weary face to which all who gaze upon the countenance of despair tremble in fright in the hopes that they may be spared such avenues of adventure. There is nothing that one may not do and while the universe pauses in patient submission for it’s next command do…

Drawing Down The Flame

Burning through the hearts and minds of Man retribution leaves little to be desired. In playing we pay and yet the evil of contrary motions provides little in the way of recompense. Actions speak louder than words and yet the winds do hear the slight whisper upon our lips providing an avenue of escape which, of course, we never fathom. The Turning of the Tides means little to those of shallow depth and the shoals of our ancestry can certainly attest to that! Swimming with sharks is hardly considered a worthwhile endeavor because sooner or later, especially when food becomes scarce, the feeding frenzy endures. Devouring lost souls to no end the depths of Hell comes ablaze with a new-found exuberance which can only be matched by the simple stupidity of Mankind. In lighting the Great Torch of Vision who is it that sees, as the blind do not merely walk the Earth but ingest it’s every offering - swallowing all into the black hole of despair. In lighting the Beacon who is it that awakes just enough to gaze upon…

Propaganda, Spin and Counter Revolutions

Touching the Heart of Man can sometimes require many roads of ingress. Not all roads should be taken but in choice there is, as always, a choice. The choices we make defines our being but in such definition how easy it becomes to stay lost in translation. What deeds do we perform in secret as we flash the obvious? Nothing in the universe can change our mind but just about all that we do can vibrate in harmony with the binds and bounds we place upon ourselves in order to create the limitation with which we yolk ourselves with as we plow the fertile expanse of existence. Knowing the truth is not enough.

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