revisedProject Looking Glass : The Merging of The Timeline

Cubes of color reveal all sorts of golden information but of course if one is not quite attuned in the proper direction well then all sorts of grey area matter become standard fare. Checking the Book of Life it becomes plain to see that was is, and what will be has already come to pass and though the feet continue on in their mission of haste it matters not one iota. There are many paths one can travel in this Universe but just don’t forget that the Universe comes alive with plans of it’s own. Man but tends and toils in the garden of Life and it is these very same two timelines that one comes to catching the wave, following and arriving in due course. There are many forces involved upon the stage of Life and though we may all seek the limelight of our reckless youth it simply isn’t written in the Script. Perhaps CERN will ensure the understanding that following the theory of strings is not just old hat but something which firmly places one’s position upon the board. Jousting is but one sport in…

revisedThe _Human_ Form

Being human is no different than a spiritual being. Being one thing or another is just that - going to the costume party in full regalia. We are what we are so delving into one’s nature seems if not downright silly then at least worthy of quite a bit of inattention. Who cares what lies behind the mask when we are so busy being me. Who can spare a dime’s interest in exploring the costume’s owner when we all already fully know. Taking on the mantle of being is not called stupidity, it is a fully accomplished undertaking. We do understand what we are doing and just because our being requires us to offer alternative views does not mean that we are destitute nor dying of ignorance. We are in the midst of an on-going costume party shall you spoil it by pretending otherwise? The invitation to join did not go unanswered so what’s the beef? Do you really believe that the human being is any different that being lazy, contrite or even ‘spiritually free’? It is considered bad manners to go to a costume…

It's Strange

It’s strange. The way that I raise a family is very much opposed to how things are done in the commonly understood world at large. In many ways there is a balancing act that I must walk between bringing about a foundation in which each person can sustain themselves throughout life and the very fact that the so-called ‘outside world’ beckons and entices, with great success, the acquisition and acceptance of particular ways of ‘properly’ living one’s life experience. There are basic human principals on the one hand and societal enticings on the other. Those ‘basic human principals’ are of course what I believe_ are something of value which will sustain one throughout life. Again, these are my ideals and not another’s. This is why I create an atmosphere of independence in the family and though Ma runs contrary (to some extent) to that, it doesn’t change what I do.

Break Dancing (Part II)

For those who have embarked upon the journey of being the last one out in order to turn off the lights, the desire for job satisfaction runs through the roof. Not to be the one who turns off the lights but to be the one who carries forward the day. Battles are lost and won through the means of carrying the day and though there are no battles the effect remains. Strange, but true. Being part of that loving embrace which is served upon a silver platter to everyone requires a number of conditions which of course are taken upon one’s self as a duck to water because by that stage in the game of Life and Living one readily accepts such movements upon the board. It is not a question about duty nor honor but about the understanding that from one’s place of residence the movement which occurs creates the experience we encounter, chapter by chapter until the book becomes entirely consumed whereupon perception becomes sanctified and laid to rest at the feet of that which actually rules the roost and from…

Donations For The Underprivileged

This is a commentary post about the plethora of websites which constantly and consistently request your support. Yes, the justifications are so well intentioned are they not? “Help us to help you.”, “Without your support we can’t provide what we produce for you.”, “If you like what we provide for free, support our work.” - the list goes on and on in the hopes of someone coming along to splash some cash their way. Every time I see a donation request on a website it becomes pretty obvious to me that money becomes the medium of exchange. Few are the faith-full who rely upon other means for sustaining the human body.

Connection Problems

How does one establish the understanding that the attention has been dropped-kicked into the suck zone? Can one really take in the perception of there being something wrong in the state of Denmark when we submerse ourselves in that very same state. Of course we cannot because how can one know of something when it is not in our frame of reference. It might as well be invisible - because it is. In order for perception to do it’s job there must be an allowance made for objectivity - to provide for a neutral base from which to perceive. If that neutrality becomes jeopardized then our center of being is pushed one way or another off from it’s point of balance. When that balance becomes disturbed our sense of reality goes right along with it. We can try to fool ourselves that our created reality is in fact real but no amount of thinking will get it to be so. We can imagine it to be but that does not make it so.

Finding A Safe Haven

In some circles the search for fame and glory come via the inclusion of the human sacrifice called the end times. While time resetting has been in vogue there appears to be a very different enticement being played out upon the hardened hearts of old and as the ants scramble for safety there is none. As one enjoys a good cup of well-being the end result is that the tea leaves sooner or later come to be revealed for what they really are - for all to plainly see. It’s not that the writing on the wall has been freshly painted over time and time again so that the message is lost, it’s more like the inevitable scourge of time revealing itself for what is really is. There is always a writing on the wall for there are no secrets and despite the many layers of obfuscation the prime motivation of that message remains unchanged and unchallenged. It seems that it is always about the message. Perhaps it is that the source point enjoys an untouchable realm of influence where the message is another matter entirely. I…

Loving That Thing Called 'Me'

Do you love your country? I suppose that in certain parts of the world loving one’s country is considered a duty and if not subscribed to then the weight of authority tends to come crashing down upon one’s person. There are repercussions just like not rooting for the ‘home’ team. Nothing like a good game of sports to occupy the occupier. Do you love your church? This is an even more fervent view of just where one stands in contrast to acceptable lines of social thought which of course must be taken to heart. Just imagine the horror of seeking enlightenment through the doorway of restriction. In narrow mindedness all sorts of plagues upon Man have come to pass.

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