Keeping The Nose Clean

There are some things which are not of my concern. It’s not because of dis-interest it’s more of recognizing that whatever the specific topic is, is not something with which I should be involved with. There are some things which I do take quite a bit of interest in and with other things, though I do pay attention, distance is created in order to establish boundaries. It’s like saying: “That’s not my job.”

revisedNumber Five

Can one conclude that every organization which has been created for the specific purpose of altering the mind of Man be a slavemaster invention? I think the answer speaks for it’s self.

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

The Universe is realigning itself and the heavy waves of reformulated energy which is currently being experienced will pass. Just hold on a bit longer. Perhaps then the fun will really start. The Universe is alive and obviously showing it’s design.

Note to Self

The jackal has landed. Queen to King Rook-3.

A Word From Our Sponsor

I thought that I would take a moment to post a word from our sponsor. It’s not from the Galactic Federation of Light and it’s not from the Galactic Federation of Planets and it’s not even from the Galactic Federation. It’s from the Galactic Federation of Ass-Kicking and Whompass. You’ve never heard of them? That’s because all great deeds never go unpunished. A long time ago a few dudes got together, joining hands in vengeance against some silly entity which they felt inferior to. Poor widdle wabbits. They were called the Gang of Surreptitious Stalkers because they would sneak into one’s drawers and pull out all sorts of goodies, delighting in their take-home pay on their way back to the hide-out located on some silly rock out in the middle of nowhere where by chance no one liked to go.

The I's Have It

In the interest of full disclosure I’d like to say that whatever you read here is suspect. I do mess with people’s perspectives. Consider it a form of my own entertainment, not some devious nefarious plan for world domination.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

The hour of benign disinterest has suddenly turned into something far afield. Let me know when it hurts.

Fancy Footworking

What is time but a thin silver thread on which to hang one’s hat. From here to there and back again makes no mind and it takes no time at the end of which someone just happens to turn out the light. Perhaps the question becomes that when this happens do you find yourself the be the one upon who darkness falls or are you the one who has already left the party? Perhaps you are the one who walks the fine line of life and death never venturing any where. That would be a shame. When darkness falls and the lights go out don’t think for a moment that the end has come to greet you with open arms.

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