Mr. Fancy-Pants

Fanatasizing (combing fanatic and fantasizing) requires the conviction of devout religions principals, a deep fervent desire to follow the will and dictates of the supreme being. Do you buy it?

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall...

And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men… just couldn’t do it. (]

The Gift of Life (Part III)

I am surrounded by those who give me pause enough to acknowledge that in this universe of commerce and glory there are those who not only carry the day but further the event horizon for all. The universe is alive with music to my ears and in the ensuing sight I am blinded. It is in this blinding moment, standing in awe of greatness manifested, that I pay homage with great respect. For all that is said and done, privately, publicly and otherwise, I shed a tear of joy in the humble gratitude of being honored by such presence.

A Walk In The Park

Even though city parks are now ‘sanitized’ in order to ensure the peaceful tranquility of emptiness, they do serve their purpose. I’m not talking about the ‘pet parks’ where little furry animals get to do their business while the whole world watches. No, slavemasters indeed have no shame. What I am talking about is something else. Not the ‘peaceful tranquility of emptiness’ but of the other side of things. You know, the one where people still gather for camaraderie, where happenings still take place. I understand that when one typically looks at this sort of thing, it’s not there.

A Line In The Sand

This is just a silly little note to let those who seem to have forgotten that Mike and Virginia McClaughry are close associates and though our approaches may appear to be different, they are not. You see there is much going on, on several fronts and sometimes silly little ‘gooses’ forget their place. Just because I do not make certain things known, and do not appear to be actionable, does not mean that appearances are reality. Though my calm and quiet demeanor may lull one to sleep it is but my sockpuppet dancing to strings.

FZA: Conclusion

I do believe that it is time for the dearly departed to, for the love of god, depart. I am really happy to do so because that website is like a dead weight being dragged along on the floor. Therefore, the domain name will be pointing elsewhere, specifically being Mike McClaughry’s $Scientology Roots and Virginia McClaughry’s $Historical Research (I hope that they do not mind). The data found on their website far surpasses the old Free Zone America, historical or otherwise.

Realistic Idealist

I’ve come to determine that my idealistic outlook requires that others be compassionate, insightful, aware and interested (specifically beyond self-interest). Unfortunately my realistic outlook tempers all that through the recognition that I am on the wrong planet.

Vibrational Tuning

It’s like the tuning in of a radio station located well beyond one’s surroundings. The physical eyes are preprogrammed for specific frequencies, waves and patterns. Beyond these lies a much different type of perception and one need have no use for a physical construct through which these must be presented.

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