Entertaining Entrails

Head and over heels there is nothing like the past with which so many personages regale themselves, and others, with fine, fine detail and desire. Through the looking glass the kaleidescope of colors; of nectaring the heavens with one’s very own lemonade stand, ice cubes and all comes to pass. The mind is supposed to be a terrible thing to waste and so science comes along to vote itself royal patronage. Yes, we are indeed quite deeply involved with the mirror, mirror handing on the wall. Looking and touching with such fine finesse who could not marvel at our luxurious demonstration of great and grand. In between the pages of old lies the momentary pause of reflection. When the pages becomes blurred in their descent into a hell of one’s own making where then is the pause of sanity, of quiet hesitation in the rush of oncoming traffic. Must there be no consequence?


All lives were lost at sea. Those voices you hear are just the shallow echoes of your own rumblings. Mistaking them for something else provides endless entertainment.

Broken Bones

Which craft is supposedly doggedly determined to undermine the effluent manners of pigs and dinosaurs and in so doing relegate the newspaper to puppy love all the while eating Rahoul at the stake. Churning and burning with hate and desire the mirror no longer serves it’s master with taste and charm but instead longs for release. Escaping out into the dungeon can be called new-found freedom but where will the Butcher hide when it comes to performing duty and desire? What new offering will the natives ingest just to maintain status and quo, what new experiential delight will the chains of torment provide other than another serving of beef broccoli soup dipped in high fructose corn syrup and smothered in that sticky goo called disgust. I have survived many such an encounter and though tales are few and far between nothing survived anyway to see the light of day because the sun has long since set. But it isn’t even dark.

Forever Young

I was cleaning up some unfinished business and I couldn’t help but notice that this needed just a little bit more attention. This is based off of a previous post called .

revisedSelling The Truth, Or Is That Buying A Lie?

“We seek the truth and integrity of spiritual wisdom and human potential to co-create a healthy and peaceful world. ” I love that byline found at the website, spiritofmaat.com.

Manufactured Society

I look around and am amazed at how every aspect of life is controlled, manipulated, adjusted and fenced off. Like cattle through the gateway, the mass called humanity is tenderly cared for so as not to harm the merchandise - unless of course it’s for the common ‘good’. But that’s not what I’m amazed at. What is interesting for me is how the vast multitudes play along to get along and take the lesson of upsetting the apple cart very, very seriously. If what is happening in today’s world cannot be accepted don’t even concern yourself with it because it’s not that bad. Really it’s not because what lies beyond that is much, much worse. But don’t worry, this plastic society will help to make you comfortable, even if barely. Do you see how that works?

Shut It Down

What is the name of that movie where people live out an existence as defined by puppet masters from outer space? Ah yes, it’s called ‘Dark City’. And it is a dark and dreary existence.

Battling The Defensive Forces

I am my own enemy. Have you ever woken up one morning and straight out of the blue just decided to change your own thinking, just because you can. Have you ever taken on the responsibly of being in two, or more, places at once just so that every beggar in the street with outstretched arms can be attended? Have you ever, upon gaining bodily stimuli in the morning after drifting off to sleep the night before, wondered what you did during all that time of ‘unconsciousness’? There are so many questions to give attention to, is there not?

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