The Fate Of Clearing Technology

From out of the maelstrom, comes the blade that cuts and binds. From it’s action, we see the results of experiences we so very much wish to own. Tempestuous times call for tempestuous memories, but in reality, neither exist. Becoming an OT during one’s travels along their bridge is more of a by-product than the actual result. What is occurring as one achieves levels of mastery is the gaining of ground in the quest for a spiritual existence. Ultimately, we all will arrive, but in the meantime, striving is the order of the day. Looking ever onward, we set our sights higher and with each bold new step, we come to realize the distance we have yet to go. Journeying across time, we strive for the perfection which we embody.

FZA Timeline

It’s funny how events happen in the way that they do, at the time they do. If you have ever believed in coincidence, perhaps this would be a good time to renew your desire of examination. When Virginia stopped posting to the old forum, Hilton and his FZAOINT gang decided to turn their ‘big’ guns in my direction. I find this amusing in that it takes the two of them to try to ‘handle’ the misiunas situation. Once Viriginia stopped posting, I saw no need to allow these people to continue to use the forum as a place where they could give free reign to their ranting and raving episodes. All they saw were enemies, and so I curtailed their demonstration of what they were looking for. Of course, this threw them into a fit and it was quite humorous to watch them scurry around trying to duplicate the forum and the idea of ‘unmoderated’ discussion.

Theta Traps

Imagine going to the circus and at the ‘freak’ show, the announcer comes onto the stage and begins to captivate the audience with his mannerisms and his flowing words, explaining in great detail the wonders to behold. As a member of the audience, you listen patiently, expectantly awaiting the final end product. As you pay your dues and enter the forbidden zone, you come to realize that among the plastic and ceramic showpieces, there is little of substance. Exiting, you notice the announcer in the throes of another captivation and think to yourself that this must be a terrible way to make a living.

I Respect Your Desire for Peace However...

This posting was made to one of the old Forums here at FZA.ORG and needs little in the way of explanation. Poster: misiunasDate: Mon Nov 05, 2001 8:14 pm#——————-#Subject: “I respect your desire for peace however fza will look like Afghanistan fairly soon.”#——————-Ralph Hilton says on the fzaoint list:”I respect your desire for peace however fza will look like Afghanistan fairly soon.”Indeed. You and your cohorts have made this so.With the enormous overwhelm of fzaoint posters pushing their own agenda, I have decided to terminate this Forum. Any discussion of a worthwhile nature may be posted at http://talk.fza.orgFZAOINT is hereby notified that they ARE NOT invited and will be removed as necessary.The agents and assigns overloading this forum with ‘flaming cases’ will not be tolerated on the new forum. You all have had a chance to vent your cases, I trust that it was an enjoyable experience for you.Perhaps the following…


… reminds me of the panda that walked into the restaurant and after finishing his meal he got up, shot the waiter, and left - the manager ran after him and said what are you doing? he said “I’m a panda” and “what does that mean” the manager replied? “look it up in the dictionary!” responded the panda. the manager grabs his dictionary and sure enough under panda he finds the following definition: panda: a marsupial that eats shoots and leaves…

re: Thank you

Thank — for some reason that first came out as ‘thanky’, so I’ll keep it that way. Thanky you VAST and Scipher for your comments. For some reason there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding ‘CitizenCain’. Well, in the destruction of the line between site duties and personal opinion, the only difference between ‘CitizenCain’ and myself is my imagination.

Surviving Gives Death It's Meaning

There is a time and a place for new eventualities to come together, and it is at that time that the foundations of our beliefs come to mean exactly what they are. As the cracks seep through the rigidity of exploitation, we come to find new sights, new ways of living and more importantly, beings. So it is in the being of one’s own true nature that survival takes on it’s meaning, devoid and empty of the significance in which we place all of our lost hopes and future fulfillment. Expectantly we arrive where we do not belong and come to realize that wherever we find ourselves, it is the best, and only, place to exhibit our being. When we restrain ourselves, we learn to survive.

From Time To Time

To pierce the veil of darkness, the eyes must create the light in which to take flight. Overcoming obstacles, we begin to enjoy ourselves and yet, seemingly out of nowhere, another plight comes to haunt our dreams of evermore. Awakening, we come to see that our ignorance is born and bred by the life sustaining energies we gladly toss carelessly about. All is alive with our energy, what is there to hoard? In the light of our shadows, we take shape and form, seeking our destinies with firm conviction. Must we parlay our efforts to ensure further conquest? Of course we are and do. Moment by moment we ever so carefully create the life we lead and yet there always seems to be some chance of happening that takes us by surprise. Are we so enveloped within the moment, captured by it’s attention, that reality completely escapes us as it passes us by in the blink of an eye? Gaining new ground, we praise the solidity of our convictions.

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