The Dead Tell No Tales

In the darkness before the dawn, at the time of one’s own choosing, there always appears a sliver of insight which goes by the name of Awakening. In the time fraught with hope, gained and lost, the ground becomes ripe for evolution to gain a foothold. It is during these times that great souls visit us and replenish our stores, allowing us to enduring just a little more ‘reality’, a little more bodily existence in which to find ourselves. Playing hide and seek with ourselves, we always seem to require another to assist us in our play. Clothed in our desires, clarity of vision becomes just another desire. With great effort and force of will, we conquer ourselves only to find no treasure, no rewards and no experience in which we can call our own. Owning up to the challenge, we forget everything we have ever learned or will learn. With each passing day, the day passes. Strange as it may seem, we are journeying full blast to nowhere.

Asking Is Receiving

When one asks, an emptiness ensues whereby the coming fullfillment may be realized. In creating space, we create that which we most desire. Out of nothing, the something beckons and ekes out an existence, seemingly beyond our conscious efforts. In destruction, space comes to be removed and all is as it was. The ebb and flow of Life is undeniable and with it’s demonstration, we find the fondness of existence. What joy there is to see yourself! What joy in coming to know that you are Alive! Deep within the recesses of might and mind there lies the joy which we call ourselves. Through it’s expression, we give life to all that we see and take refuge in that demonstration. Nothing else exists and yet life becomes precious in it’s individuality. Boundless joy can never be contained, and yet we strive to contain it at every opportunity. How many times do we shatter reality in order to ‘rediscover’ that joy? Perhaps the problem lies not in the joy, but in the methods of madness. Do we not call ourselves deranged…

Sooner Or Later

In the time between there lies a substance known as Eternity. It is here that Existence fulfills itself and weeps in the delight of estrangement. Alone at last, we remain peaceful and still. To know peace is to know otherwise. Belonging to no one and yet appearing everywhere, it’s demonstration cannot be denied. Influencing and subjecting it’s audience to vast adventures and experiences, still, it remains immobile and unyielding ever on the lookout for all that is not. Beseeching cries of temptation and desire, alone at last with the thoughts of redemption, it’s call to arms is heard in the infinitude of Life. Where it is, it becomes. Where ever it becomes, wisps of imagination leak through the veil of ignorance. Being alive is everything that it is supposed to be.

Born of Ignorance

Born of ignorance, destitute and alone, we emerge into the world whole heartedly with the hopes of an enthusiastic future into which we place our entire existence. Unforgiven, we develop the mind into our weapon of self destruction only to find that the end never arrives and forever takes on new meaning. Placing blame, we take blame and so in the quest for blood, we relish each and every opportunity to demonstrate our lust. We become the nightmare that we are. Losing oneself in the darkness, we ever yearn for the light, always seeking and enticing ourselves onward into the abyss called life. Out of the dying flame, we burst forth, ever youthful and in full vigor. As we dance in the shadows, awakening occurs.

There Is Life Even In The Dead

Fulfilling one’s duties and responsibilities, what happens next? Where is it that we will be taken to next? Have we reached the pinnacle of our desires or do we continue to create new and interesting twists and turns in the drama of life. Taking stock of our inventory, we always seems to come up short. There always seems to be something missing in which we lust for. Becoming our desires, we seek it’s demonstration and so revel in it’s effects. Life is good and yet happiness evades us at every turn. Could there possibly be a connection? We all try very hard and with much effort to be right in our thoughts, words and actions and when we begin to fail at any of those, we call upon effort to enforce them. When that fails we refuse to believe and so our glass house remains intact and impenetrable, or so we imagine. Imagination takes us anywhere and everywhere we want to go.

No Wonder We Are Blessed

I’ve lied. I’ve lied about the roots of my humanity thinking that out of the abyss of illusionary thoughts and idle dreams, a reality would be found where the gloating of my self esteem would reign supreme and defy and overcome any and all possible enemies that I might imagine. It’s a completely false idea. Destroying the destroyer creates an unwavering peace and in that peace destruction is neither real nor imagined.

You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

There in the distant past, a lie was born and was brought forth through time and space to plague the targets of today. Some things do not change while other things remain the same. Eternally grateful, existence carries us along the stream of time, flowing in and out of the eddies as if by chance or coincidence. Determination and definition gives way to our own selfish thoughts and potentiality. Exercising our right to live, we strive to reign supreme in at least our own domain, if not that of others. Gaining new ground, we expound upon the thoughts that drive us mad with desire and come to know and understand that with each passing day we die a little more, ever hopeful that the end will never come. Surprisingly, ignorance is a welcomed characteristic and highly regarded in those around us. Naked, the anguish of exposure bares much more than the frailty and superficiality of the outer skin. Reaching beyond our own thoughts, no one seems to survive to allow us the glimpse of that which we would gladly pay…

Thus Far

There is a point to the pointless, it is in the process of getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’ which counts, not the departure or arrival. The process is the journey and within that journey lies the answers that are so dear to the heart. Within the soul of man, eternity comes alive and seeks it’s revenge upon the wanting. Nothing reveals itself like the revealer of all time and place and when enlightenment knocks on the door, the house suddenly becomes quite and empty. Empty and devoid of movement, desire, impulses and urges. No one answers the call which life exists for. Unfulfilled, will it be turned away as usual, or will the wings of flight open and dissipate upon the ether of life itself. Nothing stands in the way of experience. Nothing stands in the way of nothing. Either extreme creates the hell in which birth and death take root and flight. Beyond the wall lie other walls, to be conquered, overcome and mastered. When the mastering of the self becomes reality, everything else blurs in comparison. The depth…

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