About Me

I’ve decided that with so many people out there who feel that their importance is quite justified I am going to write a little something about me. Yes, I am. In a nutshell I can tell you that I am a nobody doing nothing of any import. My hobbies are none of your business, if I had any hobbies. My dream is to wake up and find that I much prefer the dream-time instead only to find that reality puts on a really good zombie show. I’d change the channel but the remote seems to have slipped down into the cushion called abyss.

Self-Infested Shark Waters

Some like to carry around with them the idea that their only hope of ‘survival’ is to do as the little sharkies do when swimming around in bloody waters. Being like someone else makes me laugh. Lots of people will emulate those with whom they have a relationship and that relationship can run the gamut from ‘loving’ all the way to envy and beyond. Building a bond creates oneness, right? We’re all supposed to be in this together so why not become the all, the one and only whose feet set the standard for good worship behavior. I am after all, me and there being only one of ‘me’ then where is the harm in dirtying up the waters, so to speak, just a tad here and there. You know, just enough to make life and living if not enjoyable then at least interesting.

Marketing Devices

“Logic and critical thinking skills are vital to successful and sensible living, and are sorely lacking in modern education. If we can provide someone with the ability to think better, we then give that person the ability to successfully and constructively influence the world around them. Regardless of a person’s background, race, gender, religion, field of employment or location, being able to reason gives anyone the ability to sift through the lies, half-truths and misconceptions that seem to make up so much of life. I also like to believe that people who can reason logically will also be less likely to foist off those same misconceptions and lies on others.” mncriticalthinking.com/mission-statement/ I’d like to summarize the above thusly:

Photo Op

I like this picture.

Ok, So What Gives?

I’m a vagabond, the idea of home is something that I carry with me so taking up residence in one locale for a while is nothing special, strange or meaningful in any way. I do leave breadcrumbs and for some demented reason watch the trail come alive with spectators and parasites alike, all seeking the elusive Golden Chalice. Don’t you know by now? There is no such thing. But then again I’ve been known to go after all sorts of things that don’t exist. Well, not so much go after but lay a few ‘attention units’ on ‘em. Sometimes I write the stupidest things and crack myself up. Not really ‘stupid’ but more like ‘hilarious’, at least from my perspective. Have I told you recently, yet again, that I know nothing? That I am not here and all this is just a dream? Some of my responses are like the canned laughter of those mesmerizing tv shows where all is laid out for you to enjoy. Really, you don’t have to do a thing but partake. Some people are just so kind and thoughtful to provide such experiences for all of…

Crazy Talk From A Crazy Lady

Yeah like the title says, it’s just plain ol’ crazy. For the sleep-induced, those who overwhelmingly rely upon the contagion of mind-induced ‘ideas’ to be spread, multiplied and fruit-full this type of stuff is just plain crazy. It’s just so far out of the comfort zone of couch-potato living that even a hint of such talk is subject to immediate alien abduction into the Hall of Ill-Repute. But wack-jobs are plentiful these days, so never mind that. This is about a peek behind the veil of ignorance and what is said here is like having the keys to your own little kingdom being given to you, thereby setting you scott-free to move on to some other adventure.

Rainy Days And Ever Mores

I was alive once and then right at that very moment when I got distracted by something just tugging on my attention nugget, plop. I step into a pothole just brimming with liquid sky. Now why on Earth would I have worn those funny looking rubber boots that day, putting them on in the morning without a second thought. Nothing like a little splashing to remind one that life is…. alive!

Beings Are Such Funny Creations

This is a message broadcast publicly but intended privately. What the hell does that mean? It means that if you are reading this then you obviously picked up something along the way. Better have that checked out - I wouldn’t want anyone to be carrying around anything even slightly contagious. As you are reading this please take note that nothing is as it seems because in prison no one can hear you scream. If that is true then why is it that I hear the screams of pain and anguish long, long into the night? I must be delirious. Perhaps it’s something they put in the water. I’m sure the air is sacrosanct so no need to fret about that one.

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