Pin The Blame on Susie

Every group, every cluster, every ‘loosely organized’ (supposedly, the ‘FreeZone’) handful of individuals has a Susie. From planetary cooperatives to the unknown lost soul wandering the streets, there is always someone to lay blame, shame and regret upon. It’s called a Susie. Are you having trouble with confronting your own thoughts? It’s probably Susie’s fault.

Auditing In The 'FreeZone'

Auditing in the ‘FreeZone’ as defined by Ralph Hilton, Tommy Thompson and several others, is a hit and miss affair. Would you trust your spiritual beingness to those who use false images and appearances in order to ‘sell’ you Scientology? Whether it’s called ‘FreeZone standard technology’, Knowledegism or any other creative terminology, you can be sure that you will not be getting what you are really paying for - Scientology clearing. You will get the experience of ‘clearing’, of that there is no doubt, but the purpose of an Illusionist is to create appearances and false images. That is exactly what is occurring in the ‘FreeZone’. There is an illusion being perpetrated that in the ‘FreeZone’ actual clearing is being done. If that were the case, why is it that those who claim ‘FreeZone’ ‘authority’ act the way they do? How is it possible to deliver safe, sane, Scientology processing through the overt antagonism that these people exhibit so freely? The answer is simple - you won’t find it in the ‘FreeZone’.

Why I Do Not Favor The 'FreeZone'

At one time, I enjoyed the idea of being part of a ‘loosely’ organized group of people who had the purpose and intent of creating expanded spiritual awareness for those who had an interest in such things. Additionally, there was an added appeal of operating outside of the taken over Church of Scientology where true spiritual freedom was severely restricted if not actually discouraged. In a spiritually based group, the idea of ‘group-think’ being vacant is, as anyone would guess, refreshing. It would be refreshing because the granting of beingness would rate higher than the pursuit of individual personalities and egos. This has proved not to be the case with the ‘FreeZone’.

Into The Eye Of The Tiger

Fearing the night, there is a tendency to shy away when darkness comes to call. That darkness can be overwhelming and full of one’s worst nightmares and fears. It need not be so. Darkness survives, and gains strength, in direct relation to the experience of ‘goodness’. You can’t have one without the other.

Speaking With A Forked Tongue

Listening, we hear ourselves and create the reverberation in which our decisions ‘come to be’. Outwardly, we express our desires and so the process gains momentum and speeds it’s way towards others of like mind. Saying what we hear, we feel no pain. Reality is not embodied within the safe confines of pictures, creatively painted for maximum enjoyment by one and all. Public opinion is nothing but effort directed toward the release of pain and sorrow. Maybe someone will come up with the answer as our own courage lags far behind. Progressively the bubble grows.

A Layman's Guide to the 'FreeZone'

This Guide is a work-in-progress.

Now That...

Now that the various business minded individuals in the ‘FreeZone’ have created a plethora of self serving sites, what can be in store for us next? What great magic trick will these individuals pull out of their hats to continue the charade of offering ‘standard’ Scientology processing in the ‘FreeZone’, which itself is defined as being a loose organization of like minded businesses practicing ‘based upon the works of’ technologies. Where one off-beat ‘technology’ is accepted, there lies a breakdown in being true to the religion of Scientology. Placing faith and trust in one’s religion requires one to hold true those beliefs which one practices. Voicing a belief and living the opposite conform to having no spiritual belief at all. As a whole, the ‘FreeZone’ enjoys gaining new paying clients by riding the coat tails of those who practice the Scientology religion. You will hear, quite frequently, that some particular organization within the ‘FreeZone’ absolutely uses ‘standard Scientology’. Isn’t it strange…

There Is Only One Reality

I don’t consider myself to be an ‘OT’. I don’t consider myself as being in any type of ‘ascension’ state. You could say that I’m not even ‘clear’. I am none of those things because all of these ‘states’ of being define a concept as being something other than what I already am and have always been. I’m not even a Free Being. I guess that you could say that I am ‘nothing’. States of being are simply labels attached to concepts and these concepts are similar to answering the question of where you came from with the reply of, “I created myself”. The idea of ‘creating’ oneself is just another concept among the many and serves no other purpose than declaring yourself to be ‘OT’, ‘him/her’, or even ‘an individual’. Defining yourself with concepts places you in the same boat as the rest of your imagination. Among the thoughts and desires, all screaming for attention, the chaotic ship sinks with all aboard, including ‘you’.

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