Time Has No Essence

The subject of ‘time’ can be haunting. Escaping it’s grasp can be like the paper from which the fly never escapes. Written upon the sands of time the inevitable ‘happens’.

I will make it plain.

It all ‘happens’ at once. There is no such thing as linear and there is no past, present nor future. While I agree that Man has obfuscated the obvious in order to create but in spite of that silly nonsense reality prevails.

Being ‘stuck’ requires something to stick to.

It’s been said that we create our own reality. It’s true but there is so much more to this tale of sorrows.

And because it ‘happens’ all at once a common thread can be surmised and through conception reality unfolds. It’s our reality of course but it does break the binds from which our attachment has been cemented.

What we express becomes us.

Because we are.

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