The Symbolic Symbiosis of Imagination

In tethering the connections we tend to suborn the fact that our lives are lived not in independence but upon complete dependence. We depend upon others to establish a righteousness through we we find solace and yes, glee. Lost in imagination reality is neither here nor there.

As we become the end result of our manifestations, questions arise as to who and what we really are. In a slight nod to reality, we take flight and embrace the longing. Look how we have grown! Are we not the masters so promised, gathered from the distance past to become the reality of today?

All the world is a stage and upon the backdrop fools are born and reborn to the delight of the audience. The show must go on!

And sooner or later the house must empty.

In the trials and tribulations of one’s hopes and dreams let sanity rule the roost and come to rest knowing full well that all is well. Though chapter upon chapter of rules and roles may come to pass all is fraught with meaningless satire. It is not a life well lived but an illusion tossed into the winds of change with a hope that something may stick. Nothing sticks even in the face of appearance.

Advice is always ill-received from the sidelines as it’s position requires non-participation all the while pulling the strings. If you want to know who rules the Universe why engage the players upon the fields of battle following orders to their certain death and deaths. Stepping over the threshold requires something much more than a preliminary study of one’s purpose and plan.

Taking the high road requires subjugation and yet while seemingly in charge all bow before the feet of authority basking in the light of a nebulous certainty which will never come to pass. Have you yet to learn that which has been clearly and plainly laid at your feet?

If time is of the essence then surely one must leave the confines of the couch of comfort and embrace the complete lack of comfort and security and walk in the shadow of not just truth and justice but of a way of participating in the role which you have been created for.

It’s true. You are the key to the Universe and all it takes is but a turning.

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