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The 'Free Zone' Tone Level

Want to get a reaction? The best way to get a reaction is to know the tone level of your communication’s recipient. If you match the tone level of the recipient, a reaction occurs. It’s almost like a natural law. .. 12 Sep 2002

What Is A Free Being?

A Free Being, is one who is FREE to BE anything at all. That statement may seem innocuous and trite, but in fact, it means a great deal. In some circles, the term ‘Free Being’ could be said to have a deep, deep meaning. What is considered… 27 Aug 2002


Once upon a time there lived an excuse for a reason to live, and it’s name came to be called ‘cognition’. Cognitions are a wonderful byproduct of spiritual development. Their function is to provide feedback as a result of a self-reorganization… 26 Aug 2002


There is always something going on. There is always some crises in the making or breaking. Action undertaken by desire will always result in disappointment. And that is what separates the men from the boys. 25 Aug 2002

Who said What!?

There is always a ‘who’, and there always seems to be a ‘why’. Behind the appearances, much can be divined from taking a step back and looking afresh at the way things REALLY are. Not seeing things with expectation or desire, but noticing the… 25 Aug 2002

Not All Paths Are Avoided

In time, meaning takes on form and as it walks the universe leaving fading footprints, time becomes sustained with good fortune. Blessing the way, new vistas are opened, explored and left behind. Evermore further in to the future all that is… 11 Aug 2002

We Glory In What Is

The goal of walking the sands of time express themselves in everlasting waves of experience, driving forth the limitless adventures of “what is to come.” Coming and going, the ocean’s caress removes all vestiges of ourselves and looking down at… 01 Aug 2002

Sleeping Is A Good Way To Become Awake

Expanding our awakening, we come to embody an ever deepening realization that we are, and ever remain, unchanging and unchangeable. Wiping the sleep from our eyes, we come to acknowledge that sleep is no different than the state of being awake…. 13 Jun 2002

You Can't Kid A Kidder

Holding and awaiting the time of yet to come, presence becomes lost in the vaporous engagement of now. Fleeting thoughts inquire as action unfolds to pave the way. Doors open and close fervently in the knowledge that the endless summer of our… 04 Jun 2002

Coming Home

Awash on the shores of humanity, where is the escape so cleverly promised to one and all? Alone and lost, the tides seemingly ebb and flow of their own accord. United in defense of our imagination, we create the worlds in which we populate… 30 May 2002

Reigning In The Beast

Walking alone in the night of thoughts, seeking refuge from the beast, we surprise ourselves with our ingenuity. Oh, how clever we become! Extrapolating our solutions, we arrive at just the right place, at the right time and once again surprise… 02 May 2002

Perfection In Action

There is a moment in time where all things find the means of regeneration. Nothing remains as envisioned at conception and nothing endures unto itself. Awakening as a process leads to the creation of sleep. We are not alone. Ending the times of… 12 Apr 2002

The Science Of Self Discovery

With head bent into the wind, we purposefully fixate our gaze on the road just ahead, knowing that THIS is the right road for us to take. Day after day, we trod the road making our purposeful gains. Discovery, by it’s very nature, ensures that… 25 Feb 2002

Mohammad Came Down From The Mountain

After going up the mountain to be closer to God, Mohammad eventually came back down and said to himself, on the way: “Trying to get closer to God is like running away. His Mighty presence is everywhere. Denying that Mighty presence as to make it… 19 Feb 2002

Becoming, We Come To Know

Lost in the ideal, where is the life-saving rope, tossed to the helpless victim, very much at the hands of it’s own demise. Adrift, the way appears endlessly vast and naked in perpetuity. Gazing at the stars, we blink… 16 Jan 2002

What Stories The Shadows Do Tell!

Human history combines the great houses of Yuric and in the gathering of strength, collapses with inbred destruction. The way ahead remains clear and yet the immortal soul of being human flies unto it’s self. There are always paths to endure and… 16 Jan 2002

The "Shenandoah"

The cruiser “Shenandoah” is now underway and is leaving this sector for parts unknown. The “Shenandoah”, named for a specific campaign that took place on a planet much removed from this sector, can be considered to be the “fore-runner” of things… 09 Jan 2002

The Game Of Freedom

“There’s a game called freedom,” which is what you’re playing right at this minute. “And Games contain trickery and misdirection to win” - your 180 degree vector of Have and Agree. Tape Set: Philadelphia Doctorate Course;Author: Hubbard,… 08 Jan 2002

Gaining Ground

Giving and taking, motion in motion becomes excited and charged. The energy charge increases and begins to seek fullfillment outside of itself. It must not be denied. Seeking, it becomes the Vampire at night, sucking from it’s prey, life and… 08 Jan 2002

Degrees of Separation

Between the three universes there lies a certain amount of space. Space, as a creation, delineates particular amounts of ‘have’ and ‘not-have’ areas. As a general rule, the three universes are addressed in specific ways to make them more solid…. 03 Jan 2002

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