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Into The Eye Of The Tiger

Fearing the night, there is a tendency to shy away when darkness comes to call. That darkness can be overwhelming and full of one's worst nightmares and fears. It need not be so. Darkness survives, and gains strength, in direct relation to the... 08 Oct 2002

Speaking With A Forked Tongue

Listening, we hear ourselves and create the reverberation in which our decisions 'come to be'. Outwardly, we express our desires and so the process gains momentum and speeds it's way towards others of like mind. Saying what we hear, we feel no... 07 Oct 2002

A Layman's Guide to the 'FreeZone'

This Guide is a work-in-progress.... 05 Oct 2002

Now That...

Now that the various business minded individuals in the 'FreeZone' have created a plethora of self serving sites, what can be in store for us next? What great magic trick will these individuals pull out of their hats to continue the charade of... 05 Oct 2002

There Is Only One Reality

I don't consider myself to be an 'OT'. I don't consider myself as being in any type of 'ascension' state. You could say that I'm not even 'clear'. I am none of those things because all of these 'states' of being define a concept as being... 04 Oct 2002

The Wonder Of It All

Picking through the rubbish, we come to find our gems of worth. Engaging others in idle chatter, hesitantly, we await the words we want to hear. Digging through our memories, we escape to the future and worry that it may come to pass. Being... 03 Oct 2002

The 'FreeZone' or is it the "FeeZone"?

Cashing in on spiritual growth is not a good display of one's own spiritual growth. Amazingly, there are people in the 'FreeZone' (contrary to Free Zone) who actual PRIDE themselves on doing well in the 'business'. Imagine that. There are those... 02 Oct 2002

A Reader's Guide to the FZA Forum

The posts found on the FZA Forum are not the kind of posts that you would usually find on other forums and the like. They are much 'different', and that difference shows in the unique and clearly self-determined viewpoint being expressed by the... 02 Oct 2002

Job Duty

The Galactic Patrol, as you may know, regularly sends out "missions" specifically designed to address some issue or another that is of concern. These missions are composed of a varying number of individuals, but the usual protocol is to assign... 02 Oct 2002

A Repeating Pattern

Repeating patterns create some interesting effects. Sometimes, they make you play the same tune over and over again. I find it amazing that there are actually people who enjoy this. Even the LTA - TTA scenario brings to light the inherent... 02 Oct 2002

Cruising At High Altitude

Well, all the ships have finally arrived. It seems like those darn supply ships are always the ones that are the last to arrive. That's probably because when a job needs to be done, the troops just go out there and do it. That their job. To get... 02 Oct 2002

Gaining Abilities

Abilities are such wonderfull 'talents' to have aren't they? Knowing who is calling on the phone before picking it up can be quite useful. Missing the plane and moments later realizing that it could have been you on that fateful journey. Or how... 02 Oct 2002

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