Fearing The Wolf Devouring Our Souls

Awareness and insight do not come to those who mindlessly bask themselves in the glow of darkness. Surrounding oneself with hegemony feels good to those who hold the reins but make no mistake about it, when one is on the other end of those reins there is nothing but pain and misery. Is it any wonder that the powerful seek power while the lowly class of peasants simply go about their business. Unfortunately, it is not business as usual these days as the open air market has taken on an air of death and destruction. Would this alone scare one into taking control of one’s life? Fear, pictures of ‘what may happen’, can be overwhelming to the undisciplined mind. Not only does the mind create these horror master pieces but it compulsively attaches itself to them. Where is the separation? Are we the banks of information which is the basis of the mind. When we dive into our thoughts we lose ourselves to an unreality called thinking. Contemplating one picture over another does about as much good for one as going to…

Life, Before And After

I haven’t visited the wacky newsgroup alt.clearing.technology in a long, long time. I wouldn’t recommend the newsgroup _to anybody, but I was interested in reading the posts, if any, made by the few people that I know to be actual Scientologists. Anyway, I happened to see the following post. It’s part of a cluster of messages, but this one was enough to take a look at. I am going to post a few comments following this about it. There is a lot that can be commented about but I am going to only hit the ‘holder’…

Life's Purpose

We are all born and we all die. This is true in both a physical sense and in a characteristic fashion. If one know’s that our current life is nothing but a continuation of our previous ones then it can be surmised that each and every life has a purpose. Or does it? Stringing these lives together creates another purpose. What could that possibly be?..

Getting Caught In Our Own Web

The levels of Scientology can seemingly go on forever. Who, in their right mind, would ever desire such a thing? There are those who say that the Bridge is incomplete, that more ‘research’ needs to be done, that the Bridge is only a starting point. I say, the Bridge can go on forever, that one can do ‘research’ to ‘get out of this universe’, that one CAN use the Bridge as a starting point. Anything is possible because we make it so…

Muscular Apathy

Here in the fascist United States of Doom the social engineers cater to the elitists who, of course, have nothing in mind but their own purposes and plans. And since anything repeated enough creates boredom, these engineers constantly change their methods so as to keep things ‘flowing’. Of course this ‘flowing’ is never ending much like the popularized version of Scientology. In order to keep the flow of money, of subversion, of a brain-dead mentality going, the engineers are forever tweaking and adjusting ‘reality’. And the sheep follow suit keeping in step with the Master’s Plan. The Piped Piper sings his tune and the populace listens intently and succumbs, as they have been trained to do…


Knowledgism is derived from Alan Walter’s study of Scientology. This, apparently, gives it an air of legitimacy. One of the things that Knowledgism, and Walters, put much emphasis on is the ‘spiritual teammates’ concept. Harvesting and congealing spirits to do one’s bidding is relished a great deal. What can one do with ‘spiritual teammates’? With these helpers one can get more money, a better job, force another to act a certain way, influence the weather, protect one from other ‘bad’ spirits, the list goes on and on. This is a complete perversion of Scientology. Scientology, in it’s actual form, is designed to free spiritual beings not congeal them into masses. Scientology, in it’s actual form, is designed to allow one’s self to become spiritually free, not to embrace physicality…

Ill-Gotten Gains

Who killed CBR? How is it that the people who proclaim themselves ‘keepers’ of CBR’s writings use them for their own purposes? How is it that people like Ralph Hilton whose life’s purpose is to study, and try to make sense of, LRH’s technical writings are completely unable to do so? Who do people like Alan Walter embrace Scientology’s concepts and yet turn their backs on them so that they may twist and pervert them? Who killed LRH? Why does the ‘official’ organization not produce OTs? Why is it that the US government had to control LRH’s legacy. There are so many questions one can ask, if one is aware enough to see them. Scientology can be perverted just the same as anything else. Perverts pervert, that is their purpose in being. The Bridge can be expanded into infinity but that does not means that it is Scientology. Scientology is the direct route to realizing certain things about one’s self and the longer the Bridge that one has made for one’s self, the longer the ignorance continues. How stupid is that?..

Electronic And Such, Warfare

Well, I see that a few ‘peeps’ are up in arms suddenly. I wonder what I could have possibly done to cause such an attention getter. Who, me?! Just to let a few natives know:..

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