Me And The Filbert

Years ago, after going through Excalibur Revisited I knew that I had to meet this guy. To clarify, ‘going through’ meant that I spent very little time on processes and procedures as this had little interest for me. What really got my attention was all the other things contained in the book, and this is the motivation that brought me into face to face contact with Geoff - there was someone on this planet who was awake. So my purpose of seeing Geoff was to get into communication with someone who was spiritually awake. This succeeded quite well and during one of my visits to him, while he was telling me something herbal related, he said: “I should be charging you for this.” It was to be my last visit. I guess I should have gotten with the program earlier and realized that I was already done.

Crystalizing The Future

Picking up my crystal ball, I gaze into the cloud formation and see quite clearly that there is a storm coming. Is it THE storm, the final one which will bless and purify us or perhaps it is just another early warning alarm. We’ve heard plenty of those, that is for sure, and maybe that is the reason that there is a bit of expectation of more of the same. Expectation can be a killer, a torment for those not on the prowl, but here I am resurrected again and again as a testament to the frailty of such concepts. Must we all play head games? As the economy collapses so too do morals, but since morals have already taken a nose dive what will stand in it’s stead during the collapse? The Eagle has fallen and is not getting up any time soon. Survival skills are meaningless in this spiritual implosion of great necessity. Time is the one thing that will continue to elude us unless and until we resolve our own self-centered conflicts. No matter the demonstration of destruction, we are all ill-prepared for it’s effects…

Is Thought Aware?

In order to know if thought is aware or not we must have an understanding of what thought actually is, not what someone tells us it is, but what our own understanding is. Based upon your own personal understanding, is thought aware?

About This Forum (Reflection)

Forum: Reflection Members and Guests may reply to the posts in this Forum, but cannot create new topics of discussion. This Forum is only for responding to the posts made here.

About This Forum (Reflection)

Forum: Reflection Members and Guests may reply to the posts in this Forum, but cannot create new topics of discussion. This Forum is only for responding to the posts made here.

Me And The Capt'n

Captain Bill Robertson, was the first person to create a public awareness that the Free Zone existed, a fact which we all can be grateful for. CBR also created a number of works on his own that expanded and solidified the upper part of the Bridge. “Rights of a Thetan” is an excellent reflection of CBR’s work. But there are certain aspects of his work that, like the ‘official’ party line, went off the deep end taking hook line and sinker with them. One does not keep one’s head above the water line by taking the bait. Scientology philosophy clearly is about opening doors of awareness and from that awareness developing a knowingness that will not and cannot just ‘go away’. In other words, as we travel up the road of Life our knowingness ever increases. But if methods, procedures or any type of ‘standard’ anything, is followed or adhered to then of course, the knowingness that resides within us becomes ignored. After all, we DO have that choice. And it is this choice that so many upper level practicing…

We Do Not Disparage

Nothing here at FZA is meant to persuade or convince anyone of anything so please do not overlay your own thoughts and ideas on top of what you find here. All should be taken at face value and in doing so, if one finds something of value, then so be it. There is no effort underway here to disparage or make light of anyone doing anything. We are all free to do as we please and our own individual right of beingness is fully acknowledged and accounted for. If one wishes to ‘do the Bridge’ twenty times so that one may have a greater certainty, then by all means, do so. You have the right to do that if you so choose. In that regard, we would ask the question: is certainty infinite in it’s nature? How does one have a greater or lessor certainty on some subject matter, either one knows it or they do not.

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