The Way To Happiness: Food-Body

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “meat-body”. It could describe a human on this planet who thinks that all he is is purely himself or his body. The term could also describe a human who, through a carnivorous diet, becomes the meat he consumes. Yes, becoming the meat one consumes in order to perpetuate the body as a home.

revisedQuestions & Answers

Q: I’m confused. Your site makes mention of Scientology quite a bit and yet you also have various things about other philosophies. So what is the web site really all about? Are you or are you not a Scientologist? Great questions. There is no one specific ideology or philosophy that is embraced here as our very nature is way above any of these ‘talking points’. In this regard all philosophies, religious or not, share the common idealistic goal of becoming one thing or another. This is not meant to denigrate any particular philosophy which someone might hold in high regard as various means appeal to various personalities. When one exceeds the boundaries, as all philosophies and routes inherently embrace, then there is absolutely no need for any support structure in any format or function. To that end there is no claimed title, any title, that would applicably denote who or what exists here.

Gathering Minds v2

When I created the Gathering Minds website I had in mind a particular purpose, a particular plan. Well, as is usually the case what I have in mind and what comes about are two very different things. Continuing on down the track, this website is not quite suited as a vehicle for my use but since it is here, so am I. I have always had an interest in the spiritual nature of man. The who or what behind the mask. This was quite a deep interest for a period of time than ran for years. Not a passing fancy that is to be sure.

Paradise Lost, Paradise Gained

I find it strange how some people tend to lose themselves in their own endeavors. In fact, it is much, much more than just some, or a few, people. My foundation in Scientology principals remains the same as it has always remained, While it is true that I can look upon other philosophies and/or religions and find affinity there remains that basic root upon which all are based. It is this, the most very basic root of one’s nature that is quite appealing to me. Scientology does not rule over my actions. Neither does it provide the means for how I live. Looking for external rules of the road does little but to provide a crutch for the weak, for the destitute. I am neither.

Status Report: 14 Jul 2008

No status reports have been filed for some time but recent events have required the report of the following. Loses can take many forms. Through time, place, form and event experience unfolds and makes it’s self known. The recent loss of a ship is not entirely unexpected nor is it a surprise by any means. Losses are not exactly “to be expected” since this would require a contrary viewpoint, but they are part and parcel of the playing board. As pieces come to be moved upon the board time, place, form and event come to be established. This is not being referred to in the justification of a loss, but simply as background material in which to view the on-going events.

Conversations with the Crow Part 10

Truth is something which cannot be hidden no matter the trials and tribulations endured in the quest of keeping alive lies and deceit. The following, which can be found at is a great example of that truth becoming more widely known within the scope of limited awareness. The moral of the story is this: one’s own level of awareness is the gift which keeps on giving. The rest is just yesterday’s newspaper full of the usual self-serving hype. What is true for you is true for you and uncovering that jewel is called the adventure of life and living.

The Snap-Back Effect

Effects become the determining cause for our future actions. As silly as that sounds most of the humanoids who walk the Earth whether embodied or not take action to be predicated upon outside causes - or in other words, effects which they find to be worthy of regard. This is of course not a methodology conducive to self sustainability. In losing one’s self we come to believe in the here after. After the fall of one’s own integrity there is little point in living at all so why not embrace death and destruction? And so, upon this blue jewel we find a plethora of death and destruction fraught by Man’s fervent descent into the Night of the Long Lost Soul.

Setting Theta Free

A lot has been said about the Grand Council, Galactic Patrol, Grand federation, etc, etc. In the scheme of things this planet is a small bayou out in the middle of no-where with as much importance as a baloney sandwich on rye. But that is only one interpretation or level of understanding. There are many levels of understanding on the route to totality and fortunately, not all tread the same path. In describing the happenings in certain areas of interest this website establishes a public presence or display of that which requires such. It doesn’t take a super-being to know and understand what is going on in this immense Universe of ours but for those whose level of understanding is in development, items of note are thusly relayed and filed for reference here. One sees what one sees and since a captive audience requires demonstration from time to time of their freedom of expression, here it is. You are free to demonstration your acceptance of captivity.

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