Harbouring Selfish Thoughts

Selfish thoughts have served us well in the past, but as we are all coming to realize these thoughts are nothing but an additional factor in the decline of both the technology and our public image. We cannot live forever, in one particular time period. Whenever a “standard” has been created, it has ensured that all future events will never deviate from a particular point. All thoughts, reasons and actions will always originate about from one single basis.

The Wave of the Future

The wave of the future is upon us and we are riding the crest. From our past actions, you may think that we have fallen into the abyss of no-return, but that is untrue. Reinventing ourselves is what we do best, and in these times of reorganization, our abilities, purposes and goals shine even more brightly. We have seen the darkness and it was us. We now see the light - and it is us, and the best is yet to come. Our organization was built upon high ideals and purposes. We truly believed that force was needed to overcome the darkness so that others could see the light. That was a wrong assumption. What we have found is that only the truth needs to be told, nothing else.

Rogue Agents: OSA Operatives

There comes a time when we must all face the truth. Truth can be said to contain one undeniable fact - it just is. No matter how hard we may try to prevent the truth from becoming known, sooner or later it is revealed. It becomes known because among the golden rules of truth, there is one that is applicable: No one owns the truth. The current wave of spam attacks by a few rogue OSA operatives is an attempt to cover up the truth.

Living a Lie, the Truth About Us

We’ve told you of our desire to become more open, honest and fully truthful with you. This communication is another small step in fulfilling that intention. (Please see below for some important definitions) Although we do not wish to face many of the uncomfortable facts which we have purposefully suppressed, we do realize that as an organization, we have been living a lie. The cost of that lie, we now realize, has been far greater than we could have imagined, and the continued living of that lie is an overt that we commit on a daily basis. Yes, even we, with all the technology at our disposal, commit overts.

Truth Is Stranger Than (Science) Fiction

Many of you may be familiar with a very “different” web site. It is called Veritas, which is located at www.clever.net/webwerks/veritas/ The following comments may shock you, but in our on-going effort to be completely open and honest we felt that we should bring this up at this time.

The L Rundowns

THEORETICAL SUMMARY The L’s, developed in 1968 - 71 as a result of researching levels above OT III, are the ancestors of such modern technical actions as Expanded Dianetics and the False Purpose Rundown, and should be considered an “OT Grade II” type handling.

The Dane Tops Debrief

Providing full and complete data is more than just ethical, it is mandatory on the bridge to freedom. As we have previously mentioned, providing complete historical background information is only one step towards total honesty and truthfulness. A step that must be taken if we are all to benefit from technology that has proven itself workable. (The term “workable” will probably be approached by us some time in the future.) The following letter, which has been purposely denied and ignored by us, can now be brought to light. We do this with the knowledge that public acceptance of our honesty and truthfulness can only come about with a sincere effort on our part. We cannot deny that the following information is uncomfortable for us. We also cannot deny that we are now willing to confront that part and to deal with it.

Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT:Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error We are publicly and officially announcing our shame and regret for our past actions regarding the discredit and excommunication of one of our previously highly regarded members. We have acted shamefully and disrespectfully by creating false accusations solely for personal self gain. We were wrong.

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