When Worlds Collide

Coming into so-called ‘birth’ we arrive quite content in our own little corner of the universe. That which precedes us, since time immemorial, is our own perception of our ‘exterior’ environment. Filtering life we emerge ready for a full and rewarding life, on our own terms of course. As we grow into our mental capacities so too does our outlook, reflecting a preconception which leads to the age-old question of whether or not our life is pre-disposed. Is the life we play out before us the one we have already deemed worthy? Perhaps or perhaps not but in either case it is you which decides. You are your own, no one and no thing can change that so why try so hard to comply with something clearly at odds with your own nature? It is indeed a fool’s errand as sooner or later you will arrive right back to where you began - the door of choice.

So, What's It Gonna Be?

I like those things which can only be found off the beaten path of a normalcy rooted in deception. I don’t buy the American Dream, not by a long shot. If ever there was a case that demonstrated a being giving away their existence in order to further the ideals of vampires, this is it. But everyone has a right to their own decision-making process even if that means never leaving the couch. In the declaration of that right, tied to it is the consequence of effect. You are the effect of your decisions.

Love, War And Then...

Humanity has this compulsion to always be right, to assume victory even through ill-gotten gains in which case ‘victory’ becomes nothing but a redefinition of someone’s personal hell. Speaking of which, it is through those doors that for some reason or another I find myself walking - living in someone else’s nightmare of existence. I’ve been around the block a few times, I know one or two things about the way of eternity. Yes, the way. Sometimes, in trudging through the depths of dark alleys and the breath of shadows I ‘accidentally’ encounter certain beings manifesting particular characteristics which wend their way into a future already past.

Socks For Children

This post sort of expands on the previous one but mainly presents a different facet of the same. Just for kicks, I’m going to include a real life example. See what you think.

A Good Story By The Fireplace

I’ve been listening to a few audio interviews on youtube about personal experiences that deal with an individual’s action and reaction with the known universe, off the beaten path of course. I always enjoy a good story, television just can’t compare to personal insight, perspective and expressions of uniqueness. Wonderful! One of the things that I’ve noticed among the participants is that in relating an experience there is sometimes an amount of detail that is a bit odd to me. I’m not talking about someone else’s action, I’m talking about my own. It’s been said that the devil is in the details. What that really means I have no idea but personally I like to get to the heart of a matter and then just leave it there, letting the focus remain for a tad before moving on. I don’t always do that as can be seen from the postings on this website but that is a different story because I use all sorts of tricks to get the train moving.

In Motion, No Commotion

A mind not in motion creates commotion. I’m gonna sell this.

Old Time Pickle Barrel Game Show

Digging down to the truth of the matter sometimes leaves you with hitting the bottom of the barrel. I mean, there’s just no where else to go because the bottom of the barrel is, well, the bottom. That’s it. Going beyond that is like entering a whole ‘nother dimension which can sometimes be a good thing but most times it’s quite inappropriate, unconnected and has nothing to do with anything other than one’s own torment. Beyond that there is no recourse. Anyway, upon reaching the sludge, gunk and left-over animal parts, when one is right there in the middle of the worst part… what then? Do you take door number one and claw yourself all the way up to the top of the barrel, sparing no expense for the Tier 1 position? Or do you take door number two and become the Sewer King preening yourself before the masses as if you meant anything at all - especially to the other filthy swine on bended knee before you, which you just so happen to deserve whole-heartedly.

Oddz, Ends and Nothing At All

Can you see your own consciouness? That makes me laugh every time!

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